This week, we have the lovely Katie back to review the Rumparooz G2 one-size diaper, which we're giving away to one lucky reader!

I was given the Rumparooz one-size pocket diaper to test out on Monkey in the Kangarooz print. Rumparooz diapers fit from 6lbs to 35+lbs. They have leg gussets, which are great for keeping messes contained. The inside of the diaper is extremely soft and fluffy! They have such adorable prints and bright colors, and they recently released a new print and two new colors (Peacock, Phantom, and Preppy).

Prepping the diaper was easy since Rumparooz diapers are microfiber. I just had to wash once (with my other diapers) and it was good to go! Washing is pretty simple, you don't have to do anything special with your washing routine. The shell doesn't take long to hang dry, and the lining will still be soft and fluffy; it doesn't need to go in the dryer to fluff up like bamboo and other natural fibers. I put the inserts in the dryer on low heat; they dry pretty quickly this way.

The Rumparooz has a nice fit, however, I think it would fit a smaller baby better than a chunky baby like Monkey. We use it on the largest rise setting; it fits, but a larger rise would be helpful for bigger babies. That being said, it still fit Monkey without having any leaking issues. They are a bit bulky so it's difficult to fit under snug fitting jeans. This isn't always a problem because, weather permitting we like to pair his diapers with a pair of cute BabyLegs

Rumparooz has great quality diapers with excellent features like the leg gussets and the great customizable absorbency, but there are a few things about the diaper I'm not fond of. It's a little difficult to unsnap the diaper when it's time to change Monkey. I think this could be fixed if the tabs were a bit larger.

I keep talking about the customizable absorbancy so let me go into detail. Rumparooz diapers come with a "6R Soaker" which has six absorbency and size settings. This allows you to maximize aborbency where you need it. Since Monkey is on the largest rise setting, the larger soaker is unsnapped with the smaller one snapped to the top. We then put the most absorbent part of the soaker in the front of the diaper, since boys wet towards the front of the diaper. For girls (on the largest rise setting), you would want the most absorbency in the back. You can customize it for whatever rise setting you need.

The Rumparooz held up really well during naptime and worked great while we were out shopping. This is definitely my go-to diaper when we need to leave the house to do errands. If you're little one isn't a super soaker at night, I think this diaper would work. If you do have a heavy wetter (like Monkey), I think you could use this for nighttime if you upgraded to the 6r Hemp or Bamboo soakers.

I have to say, I really love Rumparooz diapers. The leg gussets do a great job of containing messes and the customizable absorbency is such a great feature. They are such great quality and worth the price! If someone were to ask if they should purchase a Rumparooz, I would definitely say yes, as long as a bit of bulk doesn't bother you. The Kangarooz print is just too adorable to pass up.

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