Although we’ve been had a pretty mild Fall so far, the temperatures in my neck of the woods are beginning to drop. Looks like our days of drying diapers outside on the clothes line are coming to a close. I’ve still been hanging them out on sunny days, but I’ve noticed it takes quite a bit longer for them to dry. What would’ve taken just a few hours in the hot summer sun, now pretty much takes all day long. Even then, although my pockets are usually dry, my all-in-ones are still pretty damp. What’s a mama to do?


goodbye sunshine                       


Although some manufacturers say that their diapers can be tumbled dry on low in the dryer, most recommend line drying to prolong the life of your diapers. I want to get as much use as I can out of my diapers, and keep them in great condition, so I choose to always line dry them. Well, the shells that is… I have no problems throwing my inserts, prefolds, and flats in the dryer on low.


I have my preferred way of drying indoors. It's worked well throughout the Winter months, during rainy Spring and Summer days, or when I just wanted to wash diapers in the evening and let them dry overnight. Back when I was a newbie to cloth diapering though, I had to figure out which way to dry our diapers when the weather wasn't so nice and sunny...


The way I first hung up diapers to dry indoors was by tying some twine to hooks above my washer and dryer.


line above dryer 


That worked pretty well for a while, but I eventually got tired of leaning over the washer and dryer, and having to reach to hang and take diapers of the line. I weighed my options to help me decide on a method that would make more sense…


The obvious choice would be to get an indoor drying rack. You can usually find one at your local retail store or online for around twenty bucks or so. They usually have rods hanging at different levels that you can drape your diapers over. I’ve heard putting the rack over a floor vent will help them dry faster, too! While this is a great option, if you are low on space (like me) you may want to find a way to dry your diapers off of the floor. I really don’t know where I’d put a drying rack that wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb…  


A retractable clothesline is another good option if you are short on space. They, too, should be available at a local retailer near you, or can be found online. The way a retractable clothesline usually work is:


  • -Mount the main unit to one wall and the part it attaches to on the other wall.
  • -Pull out the line and hook it to the other wall when you need a line to dry on
  • -Unhook and it retracts back into the main unit when you’re done!


I thought this sounded like a pretty good idea, until I brought it up to my husband. He redid all the drywall in our whole house, so putting screw holes in our new walls, at that point, was a big no-no. If you don’t want to put any screw holes in your walls either, this probably wouldn’t be a good option for you.


Tension rods are another option for hanging up diapers. You can with put up rods in areas of your house to drape your diapers over, or just use your shower curtain rod! When we went on vacation over the summer, I used the shower curtain rod in the hotel room to hang my flats and covers to dry. I also used the rod in the closet to dry the diapers as well! I just used the hangers with the little pinchers to clip the diapers onto.This worked really well for us since most of our clothes were kept in the suitcase. At home, our closets are stuffed to the max! This will only work for us whenever we’re traveling.


hotel dry 



If none of those methods sound feasible, just look around your house! I never imagined when we bought our dining room table six years ago, that the chairs would come in handy for drying diapers! The way the chairs are shaped is perfect for draping the shells. I can get four shells per chair, and if I get a little behind on diaper laundry, I use the chandelier to hang a few extras!


diapers chairs



Whether you use a drying rack, a tension rod, a piece of twine, coat hooks, or chairs, everyone has their own way of getting their diapers dry indoors. You've just got to figure out what works best for you! This way works well for us. It may be a little weird to see diapers hanging off of chairs, but I usually wash in the evenings and hang them to dry overnight. Come morning, they’re ready to be put away, and my chairs are once again diaper-free. When you're low on space, you’ve got to get a little creative.


So, for now, we say goodbye to our outdoor clothesline… till we meet again come Spring!


How do you dry your diapers indoors??


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