If you've followed TGN for any length of time, you probably know we love a good event. What we love even more, is hosting an event that promotes cloth diapering worldwide. 
This year, we hosted our sixth annual Great Cloth Diaper change. The GCDC is an event hosted all over the world where cloth-diapering families can go to an official location and participate in changing their baby's cloth diaper at the same time. Each year, the number of participants grows and a new world record is set. 
In the six years the event has been going on, it has really grown into a fun day full of cloth love for TGN attendants. Swag bags were assembled with a FREE Tots Bots Teeny Fit AIO, goodies from lil bubs lil shop, rainbow bakery, several cloth friendly samples, and enough coupons to make TLC double-take. Our neighbors amped up the space, too! Gather:handmade shoppe set up an adorable booth with all sorts of unique baby swag you simply won't find anywhere else, and KMB studio for music and movement gave a demo of some things you or your kiddos might learn at a class in their space.


So, the masses gathered and lined up outside the ballroom at fountain square mall, awaiting the boss lady's official word that the sign-in could begin. Participants showed a photo ID, the cloth diaper they would change baby into, and signed some paperwork (hey, changing the world is serious work!). The first 30 were handed their awesome, exclusive TGN swag bag and all were directed to find a spot in the designated "change" area. Our musical guests and other vendors attempted to keep the crowd somewhat entertained, but ultimately the gathering of like-minded parents didn't need much entertainment. Most of the participants were friends and customers of TGN, it nearly felt like an extended family reunion. Lots of giggling kiddos and coffee catch-ups happened, just the way we like it.
The ultimate goal of the GCDC is to promote cloth diapering as a feasible way to be a part of "the change" to taking better care of our earth by lessening the amount of diapers sent to landfills. This years party felt like a celebration of participating in something much bigger, and we were thrilled to host it. This is the only home we have, and being a part of a community dedicated to taking care of it is just so fulfilling. All-in-all, we counted 56 official changes! That's over 112 people who showed to be a part of the change.
So whether you attended the local event or cashed-in on our awesome sales online, thanks for being a part of the change! Keep doing your part to #makeclothmainstream and we will, too! We are making a difference, together.