Green Toys Submarine

This is an item I have been hoping I would get to review!  Green Toys are all 100% recycled, BPA and phthalate free, and made in the USA.  But, of course, the big question: would my kids love them?

I took off the (minimal and completely recyclable) packaging and handed the submarine to A-Train.  He was excited, shouting "Boap!  Boap!" Within a minute, that "boat" was being used as a shield in an epic battle of good, evil, and whatever a 4.5-year-old is!  That evening it was a bath toy, and then A-Train discovered that the top opens up and he became obsessed with opening and closing.  This is my only complaint - the plastic is very stiff, so the kids can't unlatch the hatch themselves.  I think Bean can close it, but A-Train can't. 

We decided to make this toy belong to A-Train, but Bean couldn't wait to get his hands on it! He had it during a dinner and put tortilla chips through the slot in the hull!  The next day, he spied it on a shelf while A-Train was otherwise occupied.  Quietly, but intensely, he said "now's my chance!" and sprinted to it to do who-knows-what.  This morning it was filled with Legos and shaken like a maracca.  Bean went through a plane mania about a year ago, during which he learned about drag (amongst other things), and I'm hoping to demonstrate drag with the propeller on this submarine.

So, thus far, my verdict is that this is a great toy, and possibly a steal at its current price because it is something that could come out at various ages and still be interesting and find new life.  I need a bit more time to confirm, but A-Train has done his best to verify that it is durable!  Yesterday he was crashing it over and over into a table and doing some injured boat pretend play.  ("Boap!  Ow!  K?  Boap?  K?"). to re-give it to him for Hanukkah...

Green Toys Submarine

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