Step away from the washing machine!  In less than two weeks, Dirty Diaper Laundry will host its 4th annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Participants of the challenge promise to use and hand wash flat cloth diapers (yep, the kind your Grandma probably used) for one full week. The reason Kim Rosas, the founder of DDL, started the challenge was to raise awareness and spread the word that cloth diapering IS a viable option for families struggling to afford diapers.

Families across the country are gearing up for the challenge, gathering the supplies necessary to participate. If you sign up for the challenge, you will be sent a list from DDL of what materials are allowed and what are not. The two most important things you’ll need are flat cloth diapers and waterproof covers!

GroVia Shell and flats

Flats are large, one layer squares of fabric that can be folded in a variety of different ways to add absorbency right where your baby needs it. Because they are one layer and typically made from natural fibers, flats are easy to wash by hand and dry quickly. The number of flats you'll need may vary person to person, depending on your baby's wetting habits, and how often you plan on washing. Typically, at least 18-24 flat cloth diapers are needed to be able to wash every other day. 

While Birdseye cotton flats are the most popular kind, you may already have some flats lying around the house! There may be flour sack towels in your dish towel drawer in the kitchen. If not, you may be able to find them at your local supermarket. Those receiving blankets you received from your baby shower make great flats. Plus they usually have really cute patterns to boot! Got old t-shirts lying around the house that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t turn them into rags… turn them into diapers! Learn more about flats here!

different flats

Now that you’ve found your flats, you’re going to want a good waterproof cover to help contain wetness and mess. Although you may be going old school on the inside, that doesn’t mean you have to on the outside. The GroVia Hybrid Shell is a modern option that works great with flats! Gone are the days of hot and stuffy rubber pants! This breathable shell is lined with a soft layer of mesh, keeping baby comfy and his or her skin from coming in contact with the shell's waterproof laminate layer. It is a one-size diaper cover, meaning it should fit your baby from infant to potty-training, with a weight range of 8-30+ lbs.

hybrid shell features

Although flat cloth diapers and covers are the least expensive diapering option available, many families dismiss this option at first, because it may seem intimidating to them. Using flats doesn’t have to be complicated! Just padfold the flat, lay it inside the shell, and fasten the shell on your baby. Simple as that! No pins required!

padfolded flat in GroVia Shell

Padfolded flour sack towel in a GroVia Hybrid Shell

Time for a change? If your baby has only wet the diaper, simply replace the flat and reuse the shell. You can reuse the shell a few times between changes. If your baby has soiled the diaper, it will need to be washed. You’ll probably need 4-6 shells to be able to wash every other day. If you're in a pinch and running low on covers, the hybrid shell can be easily hand washed and dries quickly!   

What about night time? If you're worried about your little one making it through the night with dry sheets, you can always double up on your flats, and/or add a booster for extra absorbency. As long as they're handwashed, boosters are allowed for the challenge! GroVia's organic cotton Booster Pads come in a pack of two, and boost your diapers absorbency without added too much extra bulk. They're perfect for nap-time and overnight.

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge may be taking it back old school, but GroVia shells add a modern twist. If you're looking for a soft, breathable, and comfortable shell for your baby, look no further. GroVia's got you covered!

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