Five Reasons to Take the GroVia Hybrid System on the Road

I'm back from a much needed vacation! Although we had plans to head out of town, we decided to make it a stay-cation instead, relaxing and having fun with the kids close to home. So I didn't get the chance to use up my pack of GroVia Biosoakers that I've had since our last Spring Break. However, over the past year I did try a few of them out (just to see how they worked), and I have to say, the GroVia Hybrid System would be my favorite hybrid system for travel.

grovia in suitcase

Of course, taking cloth on vacation is totally doable. Depending on where you stay, you may have access to a washer and dryer, and if you don't, using flat cloth diapers and handwashing them in the sink or tub is another option (I've washed in the sink, it really wasn't too bad!) But there's no shame in wanting the convenience of a disposable option while away from home or whenever you feel like you just need a break.

Here’s why I think the GroVia Hybrid System is the best, and why it's a better option than conventional disposables:

1) Softness and cuteness of cloth

Once you go cloth, it's hard to imagine giving up all those adorable prints and colors for plain old conventional disposables. And when it comes to cute colors and prints, GroVia can't be beat! Have you seen the new prints?! (available now!) I can't imagine having the print 'Adventure' and not taking it on road. Besides all the adorable prints, new and old, the hybrid shell is also available in a beautiful array of solid colors. Depending on your travel destination, if it's warm enough, forget the pants... these diapers are just too cute to cover up!  

2) One size

Those who have used disposable diapers know how frustrating it is to only make it part way through a package when your baby hits a growth spurt and suddenly needs the next size up. Unlike disposable diapers, GroVia Biosoakers are not sized. Like I mentioned earlier, I planned on using a pack of Biosoakers for this vacation that I've had for over a year... you can't do that with conventional disposables! You could essentially buy a pack of Biosoakers for your newborn, and use them at any point throughout your child's diapering days.

Edited to add: Thanks to GroVia mama Stephanie (not me, another Stephanie ;) ) for mentioning and reminding me that this system also works great for families with multiple children in diapers! No need to buy different sizes since both the Hybrid Shells and Biosoakers are one-size!  

3) Less chemicals

Many families choose cloth diapers to avoid chemicals found in many disposables. The GroVia Biosoaker does not contain plastics or chlorine and is free of frangrance and dyes. Unlike conventional disposables, the core is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, and contains a minimal amount of SAP gel. Even the waterproof backing is 100% natural, utilizing Ingeo technology- creating plastic out of plants instead of oil. The main ingredient is actually corn! You can learn more about Ingeo technology here

4) Keeps shell clean and dry

A couple of features that make the Biosoaker the number one disposable insert in my book are one, they have a waterproof backing, and two, they have gussets to hold mess in. Both of these features help keep your shells clean and dry, allowing you to use the same shell over and over again. Doing so not only saves space in the suitcase, it also saves $$$! If the shells become soiled, they can simply be handwashed and hung to dry- and from my experience using the hybrid shells in last year's Flats and Handwashing Challenge, they dry quickly!

5) No swim diaper needed!

If you're heading to the beach or your hotel has a pool, there's no need for you to worry about bringing along a swim diaper. The hybrid shell is perfect for this! The purpose of any swim diaper is only to hold in waste, so be sure to remove the absorbent insert. The only thing that will be against baby's skin is that nice soft mesh interior. We love using our Hybrid Shells for swim diapers! They fit great and are super cute.

Whether you're out on the road or having yourself a stay-cation at home, with their fabulous Hybrid Shells, three different cloth soakers to choose from, AND a convenient disposable option... the GroVia Hybrid System is a wonderful choice for any family. It's the perfect mix of convenience, comfort, and cuteness!   


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