Katie is back today to review Grovia's Bamboo Prefolds!  I definitely read this with baited breath, wondering whether she ended up hating them!

GroVia Prefolds

I've never been a huge fan of prefolds. They can be intimidating to learn to use and not as fun as other diapers. When we first started using cloth diapers, we weren't able to buy an entire stash right away, and now I'm glad we weren't! We were lucky enough to use Heiny Helpers to start our adventure into cloth diapering. Without doing any research at all, I assumed I would like the prefolds and covers route. My reasoning was that they seemed a lot like the Flip diaper I purchased on a whim before we committed fully to cloth diapering. After using the prefolds for a couple of weeks, I knew they were not for me. I was so frustrated, I wanted to give up on cloth diapering and run as fast as I could the other way without looking back. I hadn't used cloth diapers that long, I could stick with disposables, right? So when The Green Nursery asked me to test and review the GroVia prefolds, I was a bit nervous and had no idea how things would work out. So, the big question is, did the GroVia prefolds win me over and give me a new perspective on using prefolds?

GroVia prefolds come in four sizes: 1) newborns 4-9 pounds, green thread, 2) infants 7-15 pounds, blue thread, 3) infant long 15-25 pounds, orange/gold thread, and 4) toddlers 25 pounds and up, black thread. (I reviewed size 4 because Monkey is 30 pounds!) They can be used as a soaker inside of a GroVia shell (or whatever cover you have) or as a diaper inside any cover. The prefolds have two lines on them going vertically showing where to fold which can make using them easier, especially if you're using prefolds for the first time. They are made of 56% bamboo and 45% organic cotton which makes them extremely soft!

To prep the prefolds, I simply followed the directions on the package. It says to wash warm with detergent and tumble dry, repeating this process 5-6 times before first use. I hate when I have to prep diapers by washing them more than once because I don't want to run the washer for just a couple of things. For the first cycle I tossed them in with the towels. Just be sure you're still using your cloth diaper safe detergent.

I wash the prefolds as I do my other diaper laundry and put them in the dryer with my inserts from my pocket diapers. (At least when I'm not able to hang dry them.) The prefolds are always dry by the time my inserts are dry. This (pleasantly) surprised me because it seemed like it would take a bit longer for them to dry. With every wash, the GroVia prefolds will continue to gain absorbency.

I really like that you can use prefolds in different ways so you can get the perfect fit and use them in whatever way you are comfortable. They fit really well on Monkey when I used them with a diaper fold. I used a Snappi to and was able to achieve a perfect fit. It wasn't nearly as terrifying as I thought to use the diaper fold with the Snappi. I also used the trifold (soaker fold) option for the nights when I was too exhausted (and Monkey was being much too squirmy) to attempt the diaper fold. When I used the diaper fold, I used my Thirsties cover because it covers the entire diaper without issues. I actually enjoy using the diaper fold because it works much like a fitted diaper. When I'm using them as a soaker, I like to use my Flip cover because it tucks nicely under the flaps in the cover and fits perfectly with some extra in the front which is where boys tend to wet more.

I do wish the prefolds were a bit wider, though. I say this because I have a fear of using the Snappi and not having enough fabric in the front for it to keep hold of and possibly coming loose. However, I realize this could only be an issue for me because I feel like Monkey is the chunkiest kid in the world! Other than that, the fit is great. I actually enjoy using the prefolds very much. They're not hard to use once you get the hang of it (but their learning curve can be steep if you're used to the more modern diapers), so try not to be too overwhelmed.

Of course when it comes to nighttime, I shudder at the thought of trying something new when we already have a great solution down. The first night we had a small leak which could have been user error since I was still trying to figure them out. The second night was much better with only a slight leak in the morning because Monkey refused to sit still long enough for a diaper change. (Once they open their eyes, you just can't get them to sit still!) Every night after that continued to get better. I think this is partly because I finally found my groove and partly because of them gaining absorbency after each wash. GroVia prefolds could very well be the answer to your nighttime diapering problems! For Monkey, some nights they seem to work better than our fitted diapers! (Oh fitted diapers, I still have love for you. Don't worry!) I will grab a prefold, without hesitation, for nighttime and nap time use or even for going out because the absorbency is so great.

I love that GroVia prefolds are extremely affordable. So if you're looking to cloth diaper on a budget, these are a great solution. They work just as great (if not better) as any modern cloth diaper out there. Cloth diapering doesn't always have to be so flashy, and you can dress them up with some super adorable covers! The fact that you don't have to use them one specific way is also a plus. If you're interested in getting prefolds, I would definitely recommend GroVia's. I will say, GroVia's prefolds have changed how I feel about prefolds in general. I wouldn't make an entire stash out of them, but I would love to have more in our stash.

Brea here again to say that prefolds were the bulk of our stash, and they now make an excellent paper towel alternative. Their versatility lasts beyond potty training!

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