Spring is on its way and many families are getting ready to enjoy a little time to get away from it all with a Spring Break vacation. Those with little ones in cloth diapers may be wondering whether or not they should continue using them while away from home... 


Enter the GroVia Hybrid System. This diapering system is not only a great cloth diapering option for home, it also allows parents great flexibility by offering a convenient disposable option for on the go.


hybrid shells


The Hybrid Shell is available in either durable snaps, or easy-to-use hook & loop closures, and has rise snaps allowing it to grow with your baby from 8 to 30lbs and up. The waterproof layer is bonded to the polyester fabric by heat, avoiding chemical solvents and is covered by a soft layer of mesh fabric.


There are two different cloth absorbency options to choose from- Organic Cotton soaker pads or Stay Dry soaker pads for babies who are sensitive to wetness. A couple of great features of these soaker pads are that they are gusseted and have waterproof backing to help contain mess and keep the shell from getting wet. These features allow the shell to be worn multiple between washes. The soaker is attached to the diaper with two snaps, one at the front and one near the back to hold it in place and keeping it from shifting. 


shell setcotton soaker


Now to the disposable option, the BioSoaker… It attaches to the shell via two adhesive spots at the front and back of the insert. This disposable insert also features leg gussets to keep messes in and waterproof backing to keep the shell clean and dry, allowing the shell to be used multiple times before needing to be washed! That makes this option great for vacation, daycare, or if you simply need a break from diaper laundry. When on the go, if you don't have access to laundry facilities, the shell can simply be hand washed in the sink and hung to dry.

biosoaker in shellbiosoaker package


Why not just pick up a pack of disposable diapers while on vacay?

There's no shame in wanting the convenience of a disposable option while away from home or whenever you feel like you just need a break. Here’s why the GroVia Hybrid System may be a better option than conventional disposables:



Avoid Chemicals 

Many families choose cloth diapers to avoid chemicals found in many disposables. The GroVia Biosoaker does not contain plastics or chlorine and is free of frangrance and dyes. Unlike conventional disposables, the core is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, and contains a minimal amount of SAP gel. Even the waterproof backing is 100% natural, utilizing Ingeo technology- creating plastic out of plants instead of oil. The main ingredient is actually corn! Learn more about Ingeo technology here


Better for the Environment

It is said that it takes hundreds of years for most disposable diapers to fully biodegrade. Problem is, disposables haven't been around long enough for us to really know for sure! The GroVia Hybrid System gives parents the option of disposable Biosoakers, made mainly of biodegradeable and compostable materials, and cloth inserts that can be washed and reused many times over. These options help to keep potentially thousands of diapers just one baby will go through during his or her diapering days out of landfills to sit for many years to come. 

One Size to Buy 

Those who have used disposable diapers know how frustrating it is to only make it part way through a package when your baby hits a growth spurt and suddenly needs the next size up. Unlike disposable diapers, GroVia Biosoakers are not sized. The same pack of Biosoakers that works for your newborn will still work many months later for your toddler.


Cuteness Factor 

One question... have you seen the prints??


Besides these adorable prints, the hybrid shell is also available in a beautiful array of solid colors. Depending on your travel destination, if it's warm enough, forget the pants... These diapers are just too cute to cover up!  

Plus, there's no need for you to worry about bringing along a swim diaper. Simply remove the absorbent insert and the hybrid shell on it's own makes a mighty fine one! Just another reason why the GroVia Hybrid System is not only perfect for home, but for vacation as well.

The Giveaway

GroVia has generously offered to sponsor this giveaway! Just in time for Spring Break, they are hooking one lucky reader up with the GroVia Hybrid Experience Plus Package!


experience plus packageThis prize package includes:



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