The Green Nursery is ready for a fun, spooky (but not too spooky) Halloween!

I've found BabyLegs make a great addition to a Halloween costume from teeny tiny through preschool.  Here are some Halloween-appropriate prints and patterns (12345) that could make a quick and easy costume for your teeny one (whose legs may be the only thing visible in a carrier), but you can also pick something that compliments (and warms up!) a costume, or is simply your child's favorite color (as in Bean's orange BabyLegs last year when he was Astrid:  Viking Warrior).

BabyLegs for Halloween

Now is the time to make sure you have a comfortable carrier for your baby or young toddler!  You don't want to be lugging a baby, chasing a toddler, and lacking a free hand for your the baby's trick-or-treat bag. And, if the weather in your area is turning cold, you might want to consider a cozy cover for that carrier!

For those locals looking for a more traditional costume, the adorable masks from Opposite of Far and capes from Pip and Bean come in both child and baby sizes.  You can even combine them for the ultimate in sibling superhero costumes!  I'm pretty sure my own Bean will be sporting a fox mask as part of his Link (from Legend of Zelda) costume this year.

Lastly, locals can come over to the Hillside Shops for some family-friend Halloween fun!  Bring your babies, toddlers, and kids to TGN for a not-so-spooky Band Practice with Kid Kazooey at 11:00! (Band Practice is $5 per mini musician.) After Band Practice head over to inBloom Photography to trick or treat, plus a FREE fun photobooth with your costumed kiddies! Mira and Shelter Insurance will be handing out candy! I hope to see you there (I'll be the one with two Links...)!


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