Halloween is just a few more days away! Soon the streets will be filled with costumed kiddos running from door to door, trick or treating. My kids are so excited! They have been enjoying festivities at school, and we got each of them a pumpkin to carve. They each designed their pumpkins' faces and got all the ooey, gooey guts out, while Daddy did the actual carving. Even the baby got in on the fun!


pumpkin carving


The older kids had fun picking out their Halloween costumes. Our oldest decided to go as a ninja, our second oldest picked a soldier, and our daughter wants to be a kitty. Last year the baby went as a monster, which CERTAINLY fits his personality! Choosing his costume this year ended up being not too difficult, because Grandma scored an adorable pumpkin costume for him that she found at a yard sale. It looks brand new, and will definitely keep him nice and toasty! We gave their costumes a little test run, when the kids had their Halloween Parade at school last week!


costumed kiddos 


To get into the Halloween spirit, since they won't be wearing their costumes to school, the kids will be wearing Halloween colors when Oct. 31st rolls around! I plan on doing the same for our little guy as well. During the day, I’ll have him in a cute Halloween t-shirt and a Clementine Flip diaper cover, so I can reuse it over and over again.


If you’re looking for diapers in Halloween colors, I made a list that may help (although I’m sure I may have left some out!) :


Orange diapers:


Black diapers:

  • ·        AppleCheeks- Lake Echo
  • ·        GroVia- Cloud (blackish grey)


Purple diapers: (I think purple is kind of Halloweenish)


 Pair those diapers with some BabyLegs and you’ve got a cute, festive outfit!


If only I live closer to Bloomington… Wednesday, October 30th , is the second annual Halloween on Hillside at TGN! Starting at 11:00 am, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers decked out in their Halloween costumes will get to participate in a FREE Band Practice with Kid Kazooey. Then the kiddos will let their creative juices flow, decorating Trick-Or-Treat bags, while waiting to strike a pose for FREE photobooth photos from inBloom Photography. There will also be a baby pumpkin patch, and there should be enough baby pumpkins for each child to have one! They can also go Trick-Or-Treating at Hillside businesses: Shelter Insurance, Mira Salon and Spa, InBloom Photography, and TGN, of course! To sweeten the pot, inBloom will be offering gift certificates at a discount, and TGN will be having some sales going on! If you can go, be sure to RSPV, that way they can try to have a baby pumpkin for each child. Sadly, we won’t be able to go this year, but if we weren’t so far away, you better believe me and my little guy would be there to join in on the fun!


My kids can’t wait to go trick-or-treating. They love it so much that we'll be going on both the 30th AND the 31st! Besides going door to door, there are usually fun activities in our town to keep us busy, like Trunk-Or-Treats and going to the library to get a free book! 


Last year, the baby was only a few months, so he spent most of his time sleeping in the stretchy wrap while we chased the older kids around. This year, he may be a little more into it. I definitely plan on bringing my Ergo. I can wear him in it for long periods of time, and it’s completely comfortable for us both. Carriers like the Ergo offer a wide seat, so that baby’s weight is evenly distributed and not putting pressure on his hips and spine. This is especially important since we will be walking around for several hours. Since he is only a little over a year, he is to young for us to expect him to walk from house to house. We may let him try for a little bit, but after a while I'm sure he'll be reaching for us to pick him up. Plus, he tends to take off and I don't want to chance him running into the street! Having a carrier will keep him safe and comfy. It will also make nursing on the go so much easier! 


 pumpkin in an Ergo


What I like most about Halloween, besides the free candy that I do not sneak from my kiddos baskets (wink, wink ), is how exciting it is for the kids. They can’t wait to dress up and show off their costumes to all their friends and neighbors. Even the baby loves seeing the kids dressed up, and I’m sure he will enjoy a sucker or two!


Have fun, be safe, and I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



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