It’s the holiday season!!!! I am so excited for Thanksgiving, followed very very immediately by the greatest shopping holiday of all, BlackFriday! I am, as I have mentioned before, as Type A as it gets, and so it should come as no surprise that I start planning my holiday shopping list well in advance. Like, August. This is our first Christmas season with two kiddos, which could easily lead to gift buying overload, and so I wanted to try an idea for gifts that I have heard mentioned from several friends. The phrase for gift buying is to buy “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.” HOW CUTE IS THAT? I love these guidelines, because it doesn’t necessarily put a cap on spending, so much as it puts a cap on STUFF. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love me some stuff. But, I work at TGN. I promise, I own 90% of the store by now. I got stuff.

Okay, so, I set out to follow this want, need, wear, read guideline for each kid, and I am pleased to share my success! I have compiled my four gifts for each kid (and stocking stuffers, not pictured here). It feels good to be done! (Or, rather, to almost be done… I shop on BlackFriday, too! Can’t miss our killer deals!)

FOR BEE (4 years old):


Want: This kid has been eye-balling the Hape e-chopper for months. Every time he comes to the shop, he stares at it with heart eyes. I can’t wait to see his face when he finds it under the tree!

Need: He currently uses the 9 oz Lifefactory bottle with their sippy caps, but he’s constantly asking to use my Lifefactory bottle. I am a bad sharer. So he needs his own.

Wear: We are big costume and dress-up fans around here, and I think this Opposite of Far dinosaur mask is the perfect addition to our arsenal. Plus, gotta support our local artists!

Read: Lil Bub’s Lil Book. So cute. So funny.

FOR BEAR (will be 7.5 months on Christmas):


Want: Well, now, okay, babies don’t really want anything, besides love and food and dry nappies. I get that. But he likes colorful things that roll, and how cute is this duck racer??!

Need: First sippy cup. Like a bunch in the gut, a subtle reminder of how quickly the time goes. It’s the most poetic $4 that I will spend this year.

Wear: What a great excuse to buy him another diaper! We are loving the new Peenut Wrap from TotsBots, and this festive green will look great for the holidays.

Read: Our new BabyLit books are the cutest! This Huckleberry Fin book is a camping primer, teaching them about the outdoors and camping with fantastic illustrations.

That’s it! Now, we will still be buying stocking stuffers, because I do love to shop, but those will be the usual socks, snacks, and tiny toys.

I hope that you have as much fun preparing your kiddos gift list! Be sure to check our site or pop in to the shop on Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday, AND Cyber Monday) to get some great deals and cross some things off your list! And from us to you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We are thankful for you!