The holiday season is all about love, joy, community, and family. This month, we will be bringing you a little holiday series about the people who make up the family here at The Green Nursery and some of our favorite bits of the season. 

Today: Abby (Chief Elf!)


Tell us a little about yourself!  What unique skills or interests do you bring to The Green Nursery?
I get this 'tell us a little bit about yourself' quite a bit recently.  And pretty much just keep shooting everyone HERE, where I spill my guts and proclaim my love for Bloomington, IN.  As far as skills and interests I bring to The Green Nursery?  Hmmm....I suppose my role at TGN has turned into overseeing marketing, in-store events, social media, choosing products/prints, keeping eye out for new innovative products, setting up displays, and being generally chatty.  :)

Tell us about your favorite holiday traditions.
When I was a kid, my favorite holiday tradition was going to my Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve night.  There were always tons of appetizer type foods, cousins playing, moods jolly - and in and retrospect, I think the grown-ups were having some "festive" drinks and a great time.  My mom would break out the same holiday piano book she breaks out every year and play classic Christmas songs sing-along style.  Among my faves were "Jingle Bell Rock", "Suzie Snowflake", and "Deck the Halls".  It was a night filled with fun and anticipation - and we'd always look up in the sky trying to spot Santa on the walk home.  Yes, I said "walk home" - I was lucky enough to live next door to my grandparents.

Now my favorite holiday tradition is going to pick out our Christmas tree at Twin H Tree Farm.  Our kids have gone to this same tree farm every year of their lives.  We love it, and enjoy the cider, hot chocolate and popcorn post tree hunt.  I love looking back at photos of how the kids grow and change each year.

Growing up, what was your favorite or most memorable holiday gift?
When I was in kindergarten, I caught chicken pox.  I had to stay home from school a week (or maybe 2?) before Christmas with my Great Aunt Helen. There was a giant box under the tree that was wrapped with my name on it.  Everyday I laid around sick, watching TV, and staring at that gift.  I remember Christmas morning my dad saying, "So what do you think it is?"  And I said, "An Atari!"  And I was right.  And then I think I was suspected of Christmas present snooping.  I still deny any present peeking, I was just an awesome gift guesser!  And by the way, I think that gift was more for my dad, anyway. :)

Who, in your family, gets the most into the holidays and how to they show it?
Me.  Definitely.  But my 4-year-old daughter is following closely in my footsteps.  I show it by my early decorating, carefully crafted holiday playlist, present planning, cookie baking, and annual granola making.

And what about at TGN?  Who wishes tinsel grew on trees and pretends the store room is full of elves?
I know that everyone else will say ME.  But I say.....CLAIRE.  She secretly loves it.  Don't be fooled by her cool exterior, she's the one who was pumping the Christmas tunes and decorating the TGN Christmas tree this year. :)

What is your favorite baby's first holiday gift, and why?
My favorite baby's first holiday gift this year are the Wee Can Too Art Supplies.  Made from completely edible, organic ingredients.  These baby art products are VEGAN, no wheat, no sugar, no preservatives!  We have the Veggie Sidewalk Chalk, Paints, and Crayons - all perfect for a unique first holiday gift.  This is something you will feel good about, and your tiny Picasso will have a blast making first masterpieces.  These items are only available in-store at this time and over the past few days we've started running low...  Not to worry, we have TONS of great baby's first Christmas gifts left to choose from and an COUPON for local folks to use in-store through Christmas Eve.  From our family to yours, happy holidays and thanks for your continued support and business!   We are so grateful for YOU.  xoxo

wee can too art supplies