The holiday season is all about love, joy, community, and family. This month, we will be bringing you a little holiday series about the people who make up the family here at The Green Nursery and some of our favorite bits of the season. 


Today:  Claire

Tell us a little about yourself!  What unique skills or interests do you bring to The Green Nursery?
I love babies! Seriously, they are so cute, squishy, stinky, and sweet. I also love talking with anyone and everyone. I think the best part about this job is that I get to meet and help so many families. They come with questions and we are here to answer them. We have lots of regulars that love to come in and just chit-chat and I love it! We have such a great community that supports our store and leading environmentally conscious lives and I love meeting them and see them come back time and time again.

Tell us about your favorite holiday traditions.
My family doesn't have a ton of holiday traditions but the few that we have we get really excited about. Each year the week of Thanksgiving we always get together and watch the movie White Christmas. Growing up in our house meant watching tons of musicals and this one was always a big hit. We've watched it so many times we can sing along to each song. Just in the last couple of years we finally decided to switch out our VHS from the 90's for a DVD!

Another tradition is that we open all our gifts on Christmas Eve and leave the stockings for the morning of Christmas Day. We go all out on stockings, and we stuff them full! We get practical gifts, candy, and a few silly things each year!

Growing up, what was your favorite or most memorable holiday gift?
I think the most memorable gift I got as a kid was getting the kitchen center that my sister and I played with for hours on end. I think its a gift that everyone gets and its probably one of the most exciting gifts you get as a kid. We loved to pretend to cook and make up delicious meals for everyone to try.

Who, in your family, gets the most into the holidays and how to they show it?
I think we all love getting together and decorating the Christmas tree. We are pretty low key when it comes to the holidays. But we all love spending time together and especially decorating our parents' house just like it was when we were kids.

And what about at TGN?  Who wishes tinsel grew on trees and pretends the store room is full of elves?
Abby! She definitely gets into the holidays! We had a blast decorating the shop this season and I'm pretty sure she has already brought in two boxes of candy canes for the stock room ( Elves' favorite candy of course). 

What is your favorite baby's first holiday gift, and why?
I think the Magica clutching toy made by HABA is a great first holiday gift. It has to be one of our most popular gifts for babies and it is one of our favorites! Its brightly colored and has a great feel to it. Babies love it from the second they get ahold of it. It is an easy toy for young babies to hold on to and its made from solid beechwood and dyed with non-toxic food-safe dyes in Germany.