Hey folks! Hanna here. Local customers may recognize me as the (quite pregnant) lady behind the counter several days a week at TGN's brick and mortar storefront. I'm dropping in on the TGN blog to provide some feedback on one of our newest products available to our local customers, featuring a collaboration with another local business, Hopscotch Coffee. This new blend of deliciousness is called Mother's Little Helper, and is a half-caf, whole bean, dark roast blend. 

hopscotch coffee 
First off, I should come clean about one thing -- I did not give up my once-a-morning, precious, beautiful, delicious cup of fully caffeinated coffee with this pregnancy. With my first, I couldn't stomach it. This go around, it was a necessity. Not only did I have my three year old to keep up with, but I was also in my last semester at IU to (finally) finish my degree, and the first trimester sleepies were kicking my behind. My doctor told me the threshold of caffeine consumption per day that was deemed safe for expectant moms, and I made sure not to cross that line. But some days, I needed to toe it. 
However, lately I have been feeling like I may need to cut back. Mostly, I worry about the baby being sensitive to my coffee habit when he is nursing. I imagine trying to cut back on caffeine when I am already sleep deprived would be pretty unpleasant, so I decided I ought to start now. Enter Mother's Little Helper.
As previously mentioned, this whole bean coffee is a dark roasted blend. That alone sold it to me, as dark roasts are my go-to, but it has other fantastic selling points as well. First of all, it is a purchase that supports a fellow local business. Working for a small local business has really been an eye opener for how hard these business owners work, and how passionate they are about their businesses, so supporting them whenever possible is a top priority for me. 
Hopscotch Coffee also has a commitment to making their products as safe and ethically made as they are delicious. As per the package description, Mother's Little Helper is "..a blend of high-altitude Swiss Water Processed Peruvian decaf coffee and the beloved Sumatra Ketiara Coop coffee. Chocolately base with notes of caramel and citrus. Fair Trade Certified."  Hopscotch Coffee serves only ethically sourced coffees at their local joint, and buying their packaged blends are no exception. 
Now, the real test: how did it taste? And can a coffee lover survive on half-caf alone?
Verdict: Delicious, and yes, yes they can. This coffee was truly delicious. There is nothing quite like grinding your own coffee grounds at home, it really gets that rich aroma permeating the air. I am a lazy Keurig user, and it was way easy to fill one of the reusable, fill-it-yourself cups with the freshly-ground blend and hit the brew button. Another confession - I usually add a flavored creamer to my morning cup. But I did do a pre-creamer taste test each day, and it was still amazing! 
As far as surviving on half-caf alone, I won't lie and say it was a total piece of cake. I did feel slightly draggy on days 2-4, which was also accompanied by a very slight and intermittent headache. That was pretty uncool. It was also pretty insightful to the powerful nature of my caffeine consumption. I should be able to go without it and not feel a thing, right? Unfortunately, that's just not the nature of the beast. Anyway, after those weird couple of days with slight withdrawal symptoms, switching to half-caf has been just fine. I feel much better about my daily consumption, and I am glad that I made the switch now rather than waiting until this baby arrives. 
My overall rating is five out of five stars for a perfect coffee compromise. i would strongly recommend Mother's Little Helper to our local customers.
1) My degree is in communication, not medicine. I am not a doctor -- so talk to a real doctor about what an appropriate level of caffeine consumption is for you. 
2) Although I am compensated for the privilege of hanging at the store and getting to interact with our amazing local customers (and have in person access to all of TGN's amazing products), I did buy this product myself. This is not a sponsored post.