Abby and Scott are gearing up to head to Louisville for the ABC Kids Expo this weekend.  This is an opportunity to see all the latest products from current brands and newcomers!  They are excited to meet with some of the owners and creators of TGN's most popular products (like GroViabumGeniusRumparoozFuzziBunzERGOMoby WrapBeco, BabyLegsGreen ToysPlanToysBummis, and Thirsties!  Just to name a few!).  They'll also scour the expo for new and/or improved products to offer customers.

ABC Expo


And TGN - along with Mama's Hip and the Diaper Fairy - is hosting a Crunchy Cocktails networking opportunity that will have numerous green retailers, manufacturers, and bloggers in a single space!

crunchy cocktails

Do you have any questions for the makers of your favorite TGN products?  Is there something you have been searching for that you want to hear all about (and be able to purchase!) upon their return?

My own questions for vendors:

     -Please ask Jen from Cotton Babies: What product change, update, or introduction are you personally most excited about?
     -Please ask Kim from Rockin' Green:  What new rockin' products are you rolling out - and who helps you name them?

 Things I'd like Scott and Abby to look for:

     -a truly leak-proof sippy that is easy to clean by hand!
     -no-sew patch systems for PUL.  My old drier really did a number on our covers, and I wish I could save them somehow!
     -a toddler-proof pair of pantyhose (for me to wear, not him)
     -a humane containment device for a sick child (and his germs)!