A in the trim, soft Tutto chasing after his big brother.

My 3.5-year-old son, B, is currently in love with “soft things.”  He wanders around our house dragging and snuggling up in a queen-sized “snuggly blanket” that he became enamored of at his grandparents’ house this summer.  Its softness was so enticing for B that we flew it back to Indiana from Washington State!  No longer do we suggest kisses or band-aids for minor-but-painful injuries; he prefers to rub his boo-boos on his velveteen fox pillow or his fleece jacket and tells us “soft things make everything feel better!”

So when I walked into The Green Nursery and got my hands on this diaper, I think the first thing I said to Scott was “I better not let B touch this…he’ll want it!”

The Itti Bitti Tutto is soooooooo soft.  As I did the last couple of prep washes of the inserts, I stood in front of the washer for a few minutes, turning the shell over and over in my hands.  The 70/30 bamboo/organic cotton soakers are almost as soft as the outside, so I was excited for A to wear it…and planning to leave him in Babylegs rather than pants so the softness of the outer waterproof minkee wouldn’t go to waste!

Before I got A in the Tutto, I made a list of trials I wanted to put it through.  This is the first time I’ve been given a product for review purposes, and I felt like I needed to really put it to the test in every way I could.  I feel like my integrity is on the line, and it’s worth more than a diaper (even one as pricey as the Itti Bitti Tutto).  So here goes!

Three soakers, a shell, and a 12-month-old who is sure it has been laid out for him to throw! And a messy house that you should just pretend you never saw.

The first impression: 
My first impression (aside from the softness), was that there were a lot of pieces and colors of snaps.  Scott and I watched a video and snapped the soakers in and out right along with it.  After 6 minutes, it all made sense and I have used it with no problem and been able to customize it for any given purpose.

I also loved that it was trim, and knew this would be a great go-to diaper for grandparents and babysitters because I can have it set up in advance (I usually use prefolds).  I haven’t had any leaks (I’ve had and used the diaper for about 2 weeks).  I should note that A is not a heavy wetter, so I can’t speak to it’s absorbency in that case, but it should be pretty awesome since bamboo is known for that feature.

The “Poo Fence”
A outdid himself and really cooperated on this test.  He came down with his first ear infection and ended up on antibiotics.  Even with the results of an upset stomach, the poop fence contained it all.  Often with a poop like that we will see a little on the leg gusset of a Thirsties cover, even eeking its way out.  This, however, was completely contained within the internal gusset.  I was impressed!

Not at all a problem overnight.  And better than a prefold and cover because all of the absorbent part is pretty much guaranteed to stay inside (one little milimeter of prefold peaking out of a cover and it wicks right out onto the sheets!).

I had my husband put it on for the nighttime use.  I figured I should see if there was anything about it that he found confusing or didn’t like.  His only comment as he felt that soft minkee was “B should have one of these” as B stood right there.  I was sure we were going to have to get B his own Bitti Tutto!  And he’s been potty trained for 18 months!  We quickly changed the subject.

In any case, there was no user error from my husband the Tutto newbie on the ever-problematic nighttime diaper.  No wicking, no leaking, and even with all the soakers in there it is more trim than the usual prefold and cover (and much more trim than the prefold, hemp doubler, and wool cover we used with B – he was a heavy wetter!).

Durability of look and feel
I really wanted to get the outside of this diaper dirty – really dirty – and then see how it washed up.  A was not so cooperative as with dirtying the inside.  He is generally an eager eater, but the times I put the Tutto on him for a potentially messy meal he of course didn’t eat much!  So, alas, I can only speak to the wear over 2 weeks of less-rugged use.  The Bitti Tutto I was given is black, so it does show some lint.  However, the minkee itself is still soft and even.  It doesn’t look worn.  I expect this diaper to hold up for a very long time and potentially be the only thing in my stash that can be used by another baby!

Reusable shell
The shell of this diaper is reusable without washing.  You can take out the wet soakers, leave the shell to dry while you use another shell, and then re-use that original shell with fresh soakers.  Obviously, if it’s a dirty diaper and shell, the shell goes in the wash.

As a mom who is used to using prefolds and covers, this particular feature has a design flaw:  you have to grab the pee-soaked soaker to remove it from the diaper.  With a prefold and cover, you can carry the whole thing to the pail and dump out the prefold while holding the outside of the cover.  But that is my only complaint about the Tutto.

The snap covers
The extra snap to prevent wing droop on a newborn is genius, but I was a little skeptical about the seemingly-thin material covering those snaps when not in use.  I was not sure it would be enough to prevent the snaps from digging in to A’s hips.  I was happily mistaken.  Even in overnight use – on a baby who sleeps on his stomach most of the night – there were no marks whatsoever.  So, while I cannot speak to the fit of this diaper on a newborn, I can say that the features for the newborn size do not cause problems for a near-toddler.

My conclusion
This is a nice diaper.  It is well-made and I think it would probably last longer than any other diaper I own.  I am, however, frugal nearly to a fault and we cloth diaper almost entirely for the money-savings.  So I’m not sure I could splurge on this diaper – though maybe if we were going to have more kids, since I’m currently learning that Chinese Prefolds make it through two kids before beginning to tatter.

So do I think this diaper is worth the price tag?  Yes.  Bamboo and organic cotton are high-end in that they have a smaller environmental impact than other materials, and they simultaneously provide better absorbency and superior softness (have I mentioned the softness of this diaper yet?).  The workmanship on the diaper also seems really high, and that poop fence is actually pretty impressive!  Add in the cost of importing from Australia, and I don’t think this diaper is overpriced.  This diaper is, in one word, luxurious.

Disclosure:  I was given this diaper for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.  I will gladly report back after A has ground something sufficiently disgusting into the minkee.  I will also let you know about its durability after longer-term use!

The end. Of the post, the baby, and any semblance of organization on that bookshelf...


Brea Carlson of Contentedly Crunchy is the mother of two boys (B born Spring of ’08 and A born Fall of ’10). She has been a regular customer of The Green Nursery’s brick-and-mortar store since B was a wee baby, and has come to appreciate the place for its high-quality inventory, community involvement, and honest and knowledgeable owners. Brea is a pretty practical lass who cloth diapers more for the money-savings than for the earth-savings, practices baby-led solids because she is too lazy for spoons and purees (not to mention the clutter of baby food jars, even in grocery store aisles, causes her to hyperventilate), and breastfeeds because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time (and still does). Over at Contentedly Crunchy, Brea is known to be honest – maybe too honest? – about her experience of motherhood, even if it doesn’t paint her in the best light. That’s sure to extend to the Dear Abby blog. Because Brea can’t seem to help herself.