Back story
Every wedding anniversary since our very first, I have had geeky fan gear made for our family.  I have designed t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, shorts, sweatpants, and pins!  For our fifth anniversary, I had a logo designed and put on a yard sign!  (I imagine for our 50th I'm going to have to get a mascot suit and convince a middle-aged child to cheer us on as we hobble to a party that, surely, the kids will throw for us.)

team carlson logo

When it came to design the logo, there was no question of what our masco would be:  an owl. "Owl" and hooting have been favorite early words from both of our kids, plus we're pretty nerdy so a "wise old owl" reading a book seemed appropriate.

For the last several months I have been feeling like I wanted (needed!) to get back to wearing jewelry and dressing and adorning myself for something other than motherhood. So as soon as I saw the Jellystone owl pendant, I knew I had to have one!  In fact, I purchased this necklace myself (or, rather, had my husband purchase as a gift!), rather than one given to me for the purposes of this review.

Jellystone Teething Owl

When I first put it on, I was not happy with the length - way too long for my taste.  Seeing that it would be easy to shorten the cord, I consulted Jellystone's FAQ just in case there was some safety concern or cautionary tale I should be aware of.  It really was as simple as cutting the cord, threading it back through the wider side of the clasp, and re-knotting it.

The FAQs offer a lot of useful information, as well as uses and benefits of the Jellystone jewelry that I never would have considered.  For instance, as I get back to running (I'm recovering from hip surgery), I can wear my sweet totem and not worry about it getting sweaty.  I've never worn jewelry while running before, and I'm not sure how much I'll dig it, but I like the idea of having a symbol of my family's support while I'm out on a long run and maybe feeling guilty that I've ditched them for a couple hours!

The FAQs also make clear that the company has made an effort to ensure that the products are manufactured ethically.  They say they do hope someday to produce their line in Australia (where everything is designed), but for now there are no facilities manufacturing with silicone within Australia so everything is made in China.  According to Jellystone:  "Our factory in China was selected as it meets our ethical standards for employment and human rights."

Also, I have tested the clasp and it opens before enough weight is applied to really hurt.  So, while I certainly will discourage my kids from trying to swing from my necklace, their lapses in self-control won't decaptitate me!

I am slightly concerned about the durability of the pendant, since (according to the FAQ) it needs to be replaced about every 6 months if it is actually being used as a teether.  I assume, since my kids aren't actually chewing on it (thank goodness A-Train is no longer chewing shoes or swallowing cocktail umbrellas...), that it will last much longer than that.

I had sort of hoped that A-Train might dig the feel of the pendant and fiddle with that rather than my free nipple when he nurses to sleep.  Unfortunately, he is not interested and my pleas to "put. your hand. down" continue.

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