My baby turned two yesterday! I can't believe how quickly these past couple of years have flown by. In fact, this birthday really snuck up on me. We've been really busy lately, and it wasn't until last Thursday that I realized his party was that coming Sunday! Being that I only had three days to plan, I went into panic mode just a little bit. And what do you do when you go into panic mode? Turn to Facebook of course! 


I was having a heck of a time coming up with a theme, so I asked for a little help for my friends. My litle guy really doesn't like anything specifically. He doesn't watch cartoons or like an specific characters. He really only likes playing outside all day... riding on the lawn mower... his mama... ;)

My sister came to the rescue and suggested a theme that had to do with water since he loves to swim. We also visited a local fish store/aquarium recently, and he LOVED it. He ran from tank to tank yelling "FEEEEESSSH!!!" So an "under the sea" theme seemed perfect! Then the wheels started turning... how should I decorate?

When I laid him down for a diaper change, something caught my eye... Jules! How perfect would it be to have a Jules themed party? This will be the last birthday party that he'll be running around in a diaper, so why not one of our favorites? Water and quatic life being one of his faves... the print being one of my favorite prints... it just worked! But enough blabbering, let's get to the pictures! :)

jules cutouts

Since unfortunately you can't find Jules themed decor in most local stores, I decided to make our own decorations (which the big kids were really excited about!). I free-handed some stars, fish, a submarine, anchor, and the kraken on some poster board and cut them out. We found the perfect shades of paint for them and I let the kids have at it. We added some sparkles so they would shimmer like they would as if they were under water.

cake decor

A friend of mine helped me make the cake. We had a lot of fun making it, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! We kept Jules close by for our cake decorating inspiration. You can see a little hand cutting out stars. The kids had fun helping too!

finished cake


The finished product! My little guy sabatoged both cakes a couple of times, but I was able to salvage them. Luckily I saved some of the fondant we used for the decorations and put the icing on extra thick so it spread easily to cover holes made by little fingers. My mama also found the perfect table cloth for the party! I love it! I'm so glad that it's one that we're able to keep and use for many years to come.



hanging decor

We hung the decorations from the metal parts of the chandelier with thread, like a mobile. We all loved how they slowly spun around like they were really under the water. My little guy was just in awe of them!

birthday boy

This smile right here made it all worth it! He was a very happy birthday boy! When I look back on these photos, I'll remember this smile, the friends and family that celebrated with us, and how much fun I had with my kids and my friend preparing for it. It was a very, very happy birthday indeed.  

smash cake






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