Kid Kazooey

For his second birthday, A-Train received Kid Kazooey's album Umpteen Moons and his book The Three-Eyed Dragon from a set of grandparents. A-Train has always been a music lover, and after lots of galloping about while I sang the William Tell Overture last summer, he now particularly loves "horse music." 

First off, I love The Three-Eyed Dragon.  It is a love story about a knight, a princess, and a three-eyed dragon but there is no fighting and no happily ever after for the princess.  It has rich, bright illustrations and can be read aloud or sung by Kid Kazooey and the Ballroom Roustabouts on the Umpteen Moons album.

The album itself is funny and smart.  There are many mentions of books and libraries (including an entire song responding to the Dewey Decimal System!) and the general awesomeness of imagination.  This is definitely an album written by a librarian!  And, most importantly, my kids have fun with the album and A-Train is willing to listen to more than one "horse music" song on the album over and over.

With some rowdy vocals and tight instrumentals, this is an album that kids can go wild to!  (And they do!  Kid Kazooey's Band Practice and his concerts around town are always full of dancing, spinning, jumping kiddos!!)

Obviously, we enjoy this album - and love that we can go hear Kid Kazooey play LIVE around town (including at The Green Nursery).  Find him at TGN every Wednesday at 11:00 for Band Practice!