I am so jealous that Katie got to review the Kiwi Pie one-size fitted diaper!  Fitteds have become my favorite diapers - they're basically all we kept when A-Train potty trained during the day.  And Kiwi Pies are soft, adorable, and made in the USA!  Also they're really, really cute.  And I don't usually go for "cute" in diapers - I'm in it for the financial sensibility!  But I lusted after these for a time.  A-Train was soooo close to potty training that I couldn't justify the expense.  I thought of those adorable prints running around my house (potty training = no cover!), surely that made it worth the money?  What if we had a third baby? (Uh.  No.  We are 20 kinds of done!  I love my kids and I'm glad I never have to worry about a high-risk pregnancy again!).  Anyway, lucky duck Katie tried out the diaper that made my ovaries sigh, and here's what she thought!

I once saw someone describe their child as a fire truck when it comes to how heavy they wet, and that's how I describe Monkey now. He's my little fire truck. So this posed a problem when it came to finding a nighttime diaper solution. During the day, it's not an issue because we change him as often as needed. However, we needed something at night that would last several hours without having to be changed. Alright everyone, say it with me: "We love fitteds, yes we do! We love fitteds, how about you?!" For this review, I bring to you (drum roll please) the GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted diaper!

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Every cloth diapering mom loves a cute diaper. And the Kiwi Pie is definitely an adorable diaper! They have such unique prints that not only are on the outside of the diaper, but are also on both of the inserts of the diaper. (For this review, Monkey is wearing the adorable Ziggy print. I also love the Yellow Submarine print!) The Kiwi Pie is also extremely soft to touch, so you know it'll be nice and soft on your baby's bottom. The diaper has the leg ruffles like the newborn diapers have. I think the ruffles are a cute addition to the diaper.

I'd have to say my least favorite thing about fitted diapers would be prepping them. Most of the time with natural fabrics you have to wash 5-6 times to prep the diaper. This can be extremely time consuming. Luckily with the Kiwi Pie, the prep is to wash on warm with detergent and tumble dry, repeating this process three times before the first use. This is necessary to remove the natural oils that can be found in the absorbent layers. Washing is pretty simple as well. After the first time prep, the Kiwi Pie has no special washing instructions. I like to hang dry all my fitted diapers, but this is just a personal preference. You can tumble them dry on low if you prefer. When hanging them, they do take some time to dry. This is expected with any fitted, though. I usually hang them to dry overnight and they're ready in the morning. I do notice that when I hang them to dry, they tend to be a little stiff. I like to toss them in the dryer on "Fluff cycle," which uses no heat. (Yep! That's right, my dryer is made for fluff.) I use this cycle to give them their fluff back and soften them up.  It only takes a few minutes to do so.

You know when you go into a store and you see the cutest top but they don't have it in your size? This is exactly what I go through when finding super cute diapers for Monkey! Sure, a lot of diapers say they're one size, but that's not always true and Monkey proves that point. The Kiwi Pie fits babies from 10 pounds up to 35 plus pounds and with Monkey being a big guy, it fits him really well. There are two size fittings on the diaper. For a small fit, you snap down the two rise snaps. Easy as that! You can use one soaker or both, depending on how much your little one wets. For the large fit, you'll want to unsnap the rise setting, snap the two soakers together and lay them in the diaper. This helps add absorbency for larger babies and toddlers. 

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The Kiwi Pie is one of the trimmest fitted diapers I have come across. I love how easily it fits under my flip covers. My first impression of the diaper is that it's extremely cute! Most fitted diapers I have seen are pretty plain, which is totally fine. However, I feel that it just gives the Kiwi Pie a one up (in my book anyway) because cloth diapering moms are addicted to cute diapers. Come on, admit it, you know you are. I love that they have incorporated the cute prints from the outside onto the inserts as well. This is a pretty unique and super cute feature. It's nice having a trim yet absorbent fitted diaper. I can easily use the Kiwi Pie during the day when we go out and still fit his shorts on over it (and the cover) with no problems.

If your little one is a fire truck when it comes to nighttime (or anytime) wetting, this diaper will work for you. It worked wonderfully for Monkey overnight. I often worry when using a diaper I've never tried because you just never know what the absorbency could be like. With the Kiwi Pie, there were no leaks and he woke up with dry sheets. It would work perfectly for naptime as well. For a super trim diaper, the Kiwi Pie's absorbency is outstanding! Basically, it's super awesome! No seriously, it may look super trim, but it packs a good punch and will absorb crazy amounts of pee. If anyone asks about the Kiwi Pie, I will definitely recommend it as a great nighttime solution to a fire truck wetter!

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