I've wanted to try GroVia's Kiwi Pie wool covers for a while now, and finally got my hands on one a few weeks ago. I was not disappointed! It's a really great cover! It's soft, trim, stretchy, and I love the way it fits my son. During the day, I pair it with flats or GroVia Bamboo prefolds and with fitteds at night. I have to say, it works amazing no matter what time of day. 


Kiwi Pie cover


The only thing about the Kiwi Pie wool cover that didn't work so well for us is that it only comes in a natural, ivory-ish color. I do love the color...  it really is beautiful!  But the problem is, my son wants to be outside all. the. time. And he seems to attract dirt. The very first time he wore the cover outside, he sat in a mud puddle! Then and there, I thought it was ruined (looks wise) and that it would forever have a huge stain on the back of it. I was so relieved that it washed out so easily, not leaving any trace behind! 


before and after dirty cover


I had seen on GroVia's facebook page a post about dyeing Kiwi Pie wool covers with Koolaid and they looked awesome! The colors were so vibrant! I decided that if my little Pig-Pen was going to be wearing his cover while playing outside, dyeing it may be our best bet to help hide the cloud of dust that seems to follow him. :)


dyed covers

Photo courtesy of GroVia

Koolaid is great for dyeing protein based materials such as wool, hair, and silk. From what I hear, it's much harder to dye plant based materials such as cotton. My daughter is trying to convince me to dye a streak in her hair... still haven't decided on that yet.

We ran to the store to pick up 4 packages of Koolaid (I chose Lemon Lime flavor for a green hue), a gallon of white vinegar, kosher salt (which from what I hear is supposedly better than table salt), and I already had some Dawn dishsoap on hand. GroVia has made a really great, easy to follow tutorial, which you can find here for complete instructions on how to dye your Kiwi Pie wool covers.    


pouring in dye


As I dipped my son's cover into the pot of green water, I thought to myself, "No turning back now!" I squished it with my gloved hands and worked the dye into the seams. Stirring it every 5-10 minutes, I worked it up to a boil, then turned off the stove and removed it from the burner. I continued to stir every 5-10 minutes. I didn't time how long it took, but I'd say probably about an hour or so for the water to cool. 

Cover in dye

It was so neat to see that toward the end of the dyeing process most of the color in the water absorbed into the wool, leaving the water much lighter, almost without any color to it at all! After I rinsed the wool, I rolled it up in a light colored towel and was pretty amazed to see that there was no bleeding or color transfer. I didn't have that experience when I tie dyed my cotton flats with store-bought dye. With them, I had to rinse and wash several times before I felt comfortable that the colors wouldn't bleed.

I was really nervous about dyeing my son's cover. I thought I would end up ruining it, maybe shrinking it or the color wouldn't turn out. I also worried about the color bleeding and rubbing off on my son's skin or on the absorbent diaper I use underneath. I was very pleased to find that none of these things happend! I didn't damage my son's cover in any way, just made it more awesome! 


before and after dyed cover


We've used the dyed cover for a few weeks now and even after another washing, the color is still vibrant! We've still had no issues with the dye transfering. It's locked up tight inside the wool. I actually wish I had more GroVia Kiwi Pie wool covers to dye! I want one in every color :) Maybe you could even mix colors of Koolaid together to create your very own shade. I thought about trying to mix blue and green to make a teal, but couldn't work up the nerve to try it. Although I do love the natural color of GroVia Kiwi Pie covers, I'm very happy with our new green hue!


dyed grovia cover


*Be sure to follow GroVia's tutorial and dye at your own risk!!

What about you? Would you hand-dye your Kiwi Pie wool?? Leave your comments below!


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