Part of what makes working at the store so awesome is sharing tips and tricks of all our awesome baby swag with customers. Teaching is such a big part of our job! As is learning :) So, Hanna and I have devised a plan to widen that circle of knowledge! Welcome to- *How To Tuesdays!*
Every other Tuesday (or so), either Hanna or I will check in here with some type of instructional somethingorother that is meant to enlighten and inspire! Feel free to give lots of feedback or suggestions for future posts! Struggling with something? Chances are you aren't alone, let us help! 
This week, we have a kick-off special that I'm super excited about: How to lanolize wool like a pro in five steps or less! 
Step 1: Wet your wool and watch our periscope video. No, seriously. Watch it now.. That puppy will only be online for 24 hours and then it's gone forever.
Step 2: Melt Lanolin and Emulsifying cube in small amount of super hot water. Just a touch of lano will do! You'll be amazed by how far a little bit will stretch, especially when combined with emulsifier. 
Step 3: Add cold water to lano mix to bring it closer to room temperature. Insider tip: using a jar can help contain the mess and make measuring easier! 
milk jars
 Step 4: throw in your pretty wool and let it soak! Leave it at least 15 minutes, or overnight! Your call. Gallon-sized ziplock bags work great for a basin to contain the lano bath for your wool, with minimal clean up! That's exactly how we did it in our Wool 101 class, and how I do it at home.
milk jars
Step 5: take your wool out of its bath, roll in towel to get as much water out as possible and then hang to dry!
Obviously there's a few more details here and there that you may want to iron out.. If you are struggling to lanolize, or have specific questions.. feel free to ask in the comments! We're always happy to help the best we can!