Let's talk diaper laundry.

I know, I know. It may sound intimating, but let me tell you... if you're getting good advice, washing cloth diapers can actually be quite simple! Keep in mind, not all advice is good advice. Chances are, you may have heard that cloth diaper laundry is VERY different than your regular ol' load of laundry and you should be using half the amount of detergent you typically use or even less.

Tiny Bubbles

Part of this is true. Cloth diaper laundry is different than your typical load of laundry... it's MUCH dirtier. But the part about using much, much less detergent than it takes to get your regular laundry clean... for many cloth diapering families, following this tidbit could be setting them up for failure, leaving them with unclean, stinky diapers, and resorting to crazy and excessive stripping processes. I can personally vouch for this! I shared my struggle with stink and stripping a few weeks ago in this post, Less (detergent) is more... more stripping!

GroVia wants cloth diapering families to know that diaper laundry is not that complicated and stink is not "just a part of cloth diapering." They offer a simple, common sense approach to washing cloth diapers. All you need is SUDS...

SUDS infographic

From ENOUGH with Stripping Already written by GroVia founder, Kim Ormsby:

Simple wash routine- Wash every two days with a hot or warm wash and an extra rinse. No soaking or watching for bubbles during the rinse cycle. Just throw them in and go play with your kiddo! 

Use enough detergent- Use the FULL amount of detergent recommended on your detergent packaging. Eco friendly detergents are great but don't always clean really well. If you go with an eco friendly detergent pick a salt based one (not one with coconut or other plant oils as a main ingredient), and use enough. In fact, you may need to use a bit more than recommended.

Duration- Your diapers must be exposed to the proper concentration of detergent for at least 45 minutes to get fully clean. A 15 minute wash cycle won't cut it!

Skip the additives- Baking soda, vinegar, boosters, essential oils etc. While when used seldomly won't harm your diapers, they are not good to use constantly. They can impede your detergent's cleaning ability, can cause rashes, and can ultimately ruin elastic and laminates. If you are adamant about using them, check with the manufacturer of your diaper first.

By following these simple steps, SUDS can help set families up for cloth diapering success! Not only does GroVia offer great advice on washing cloth diapers, they also have some great products to back it up:

Tiny Bubbles 

Tiny Bubbles is a clean rinsing cloth diaper detergent from GroVia. It's dye and fragrance free, and contains no optical brighteners or fillers. It is also phosphate free and completely biodegradable. It contains natural chelating agents that help soften the water, keeping fewer hard water minerals from depositing on your diapers! 

 tiny bubbles

Mighty Bubbles

Ammonia or mineral build-up getting you down? Wish you could just push the reset button on your diapers? Mighty Bubbles may be just what you need to get your diapers back to smelling fresh and clean! It's NOT a detergent, but rather a periodic treatment for buildup, which may occur from not using enough detergent to get diapers clean or mineral build up from hard water. Just toss a pack in with your diapers to help get your diapers back to square one- clean and build-up free!

mighty bubbles

GroVia Perfect Pail

The GroVia Perfect Pail allows you to store up to THREE DAYS worth of diapers and holds smells inside where they belong! Just insert a clothes hanger and it hang it from knob or hook, wherever is most convenient for you. The innovative design allows for diapers to simply be dropped in the top of the pail and it closes on its own. When it's time to wash, unzip the bottom and dump your diapers into your washer, then toss the Perfect Pail in to be washed along with them.

But wait... three days worth of diapers? Doesn't GroVia suggest washing every other day? Yep. They do, but they also understand that some families have more than one little one in diapers. They want to make sure there is enough space to store all those dirty diapers until wash day, so they made the Perfect Pail extra roomy!

perfect pail

GroVia Pail Liner

Another storage option is using a GroVia Pail Liner to line a diaper pail or 13 gallon trash can. This waterproof pail liner has an elastic cord with toggle that can be adjusted to keep the bag from slipping off. When it's time to wash, it works great as a tote bag! 


pail liner

GroVia Wet Bag

What do you do with dirty diapers on the go? Store them in a GroVia Wet Bag, of course! Keep a wet bag in your diaper bag to store dirties and keep wetness and odors contained. These versatile wet bags hold three to five diapers, and can also be used as pail liner, tote bag, or laundry bag. 

wet bag

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GroVia prize package

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