As an employee of The Green Nursery, I talked to a lot of people about cloth diapers, introducing them to all the options we offered.  The other staff and I would frequently talk about what diapers we would use if/when we had babies. As someone without kids, it was all theory. Now I’m getting to see what really works and in what ways. 



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I used to think newborn diapers were a silly idea. Why buy something that you’ll only be able to use for a short time?  I was sure I would just use prefolds - maybe get a handful of newborn sized prefolds and covers. I could also make do with using some infant sized ones, even if they were big at first, because this seemed like the most economical thing to do.


For the first week or so, that’s what we did – used the newborn prefolds we bought, and the larger ones we were given. Then, one day, I decided to try out a newborn all-in-one I was given. The ease of putting a one-piece diaper on my tiny wiggly baby, and the way that it fit so perfectly was so refreshing!  Having a newborn is non-stop, and any little thing that saves you some energy during that time is so welcome and nice! 


I tried out a few different newborn diapers that TGN offers, and in this review I’ll be focusing on the Lil Joey – the Rumparooz Newborn All-In-One.


baby on blanket


At first I was skeptical that the Lil Joey would have a good fit on my baby. It claims to fit from 5 – 12 pounds.  When I first tried it, my baby was only 2 weeks old, but he’s gaining weight fast. At that time, he was just over 8 lbs and getting chunkier by the minute it seemed.  I thought he would be too big for something that was made to be able to fit a preemie, but I was wrong.  It actually fit really well. I could use either the second snap in for a good fit, or the last snap out for a looser fit. I also thought it might be bulky and cumbersome, because of how cushy it is, but that wasn’t the case either. That cushiness is in all the right places.  I thought the fit was really nice and didn’t seem bulky at all.


 baby lil joey


The Lil Joey has an option to snap down the front middle snap to leave space around the umbilical cord stump. I didn’t need to use it, since my baby’s stump is gone and belly button is healed at this point. Even without snapping that snap down, the diaper came to below his belly button, unless he was more scrunched up (like if I was holding him in a sitting position).


I think my favorite thing about the Lil Joey is the inner gusset or “poo fence.”  It really contains the poo right there, where it’s designed to, without letting anything leak out the sides. I was pleasantly surprised, the first time I took off the diaper and saw everything neatly contained right there inside the “fence.” This wasn’t quite the case when using my prefolds.


baby knees bent 


Like I mentioned above, the Lil Joey is really soft and cushy. The inner lining is 4 layers of microchamois, so it’s really absorbant even for heavy wetters. The only down side to this is that it takes a bit longer to dry than other diapers. I hung mine to dry inside, and they weren’t dry until the next day. I’m sure they would have dried a lot faster outside in the sun though, and you can always tumble dry them in the dryer to have them ready sooner.


All in all, I’m really glad to have a few of these diapers on hand for this time. It has made cloth diapering a newborn easier.  Even if you don’t buy a full stash of newborn diapers, I would definitely recommend having a handful of them to use when you really just want something quick, easy, and reliable.


***Update:  Baby is now almost 9 and a half pounds and the Lil Joey is almost too tight on him to wear.  Some babies may be longer and thinner at 9 and a half pounds. The Lil Joey may still fit them fine at this weight, and even heavier, but it’s getting a little too snug for this chunky guy.  It was still worth having and using a lot for a few weeks though!***




A Bloomington native, Siri ran TGN's shipping operations for a year and a half, before starting her new full-time job as a new mom. She is loving her new position and the little guy she spends her days with now, but is also staying connected to TGN in various ways, such as the blog. 


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