Disclaimer: Although I received this product free of charge, the opinions expressed are my own and cannot be bought.

I had just began my maternity leave, spending my days in the haze of new motherhood, when I got the message, "We have started carrying a lactation cookie mix, will you try it and review it for us?"  I was breastfeeding, so I was ravenously hungry but never had time to put a meal together.  “Hmmm,” I thought to myself,  “will I bake up some cookies from a ready-made mix and eat them guilt-free because they are supporting my milk production and benefiting my baby?  Yes, I think I can do that."  

mamas milkies cookie mix

When I receive my bag the first thing I noticed is the packaging looked legit.  It was a pretty silver package with cool turquoise Washi tape.  The label said "Mama's Milkies Lactation Bakery."  Cute!  Then I got a tiny flutter of panic as I read that the mix was dairy-free and vegan.  I'm a pretty big fan of butter, and since getting pregnant my obsession with milk harkened back to my days as a growing child; I loved it SO MUCH!  But I resolved to give the mix a try, and moved on.  

The label also boasted that it contained ingredients like brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, oats, and flax seed.  It seemed promising.  When I read the mix direction I was pretty stoked.  Not only was it super easy, I just had to add 3 ingredients to the mix, toss some lumps on a pan and bake, but it also gave me the option to add in butter and dairy. Yes!  

When I opened the package and dumped the mix into a bowl, I was very impressed.  I have used ready-made cookie mixes before, and inside the package was just an off-white powder mix.  This mix had real, whole ingredients in it, and looked like someone put in each ingredient individually.  First came the brown sugar, then the oats, flour, flax, and chocolate chips.  I was starting to get really excited.  The cookies baked up really well.  They weren’t flat, they had a nice golden color, and they smelled really good.


I am personally a big fan of straight out of the oven, hot, melty, falling apart cookies, so I dove right in.  In this case, that was a mistake.  With the cookies not even the slightest bit cooled, the fenugreek was pretty strong.  I wouldn’t say the cookies tasted bad, but I wouldn’t say they tasted good.  To me the fenugreek was a bitter and unusual taste. Because I had made the cookies late at night, and am perpetually sleep-deprived, I set them out to cool and vowed to try them again the next day.  To my delight, the fenugreek taste had almost completely dissipated, and the cookies tasted to me like they contained a little bit of Baker’s Chocolate.  

The recipe said it makes 36, but I must have made mine a little big because I ended up with 30.  The directions  also suggest you freeze the cookies and pull out a few each day, I didn’t see the need, as I ate the entire batch within the week!  They were like Pringles, I just couldn’t stop!  I did notice a boost in my supply, too.  I had previously been pumping about 3 oz of milk, but after eating these cookies I was pumping 5+ oz.  Never had I ever pumped so much!

I would definitely recommend these cookies to anyone seeking lactation cookies. They were super easy, didn’t take much time to put together, and contained all the right ingredients to boost a person’s supply.  These would also make a great babyshower gift to the mom that plans to breastfeed.  

Disclaimer: Although I received this product free of charge, the opinions expressed are my own and cannot be bought.

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