Disclosure: I have recieved many of the products in this post free of charge and am being compensated as an Earth Mama Angel Baby Ambassador. However, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine and my own. 


I honestly never gave much thought about the personal care products I kept up in my bathroom medicine cabinet, up until a couple of years ago. I just always assumed if they were sold at my local grocery store and everyone else is using them, they must be safe. I didn't realize there could be potentially dangerous chemicals hiding in my family's products...

medicine cabinet before

It wasn't until the birth of my fourth child that I became aware that my childrens' lotions and soaps may have had potentially harmful chemicals in them. I learned the words "paraben" and "sulfate", and that they were ingredients that should be avoided. I didn't dig any deeper to learn exactly why they were bad... I just kept in mind that I should avoid them because I heard I should.    

I sought out shampoos and bodywashes made without these ingredients for my children. Angel Baby Shampoo and Bodywash quickly became one of my favorites! I also found Angel Baby Bottom Balm to be a great diaper balm that was safe to use with my son's cloth diapers. I considered it to be my miracle in a jar for his eczema flare ups this past winter, and also used it as an ointment for cuts and scrapes.

bath time

But really, that's all that changed. Although I became protective of what soaps and lotions I was using on my childrens' skin, my husband and I continued to use whatever was on sale or cheap for ourselves. I thought the cheap stuff worked fine, and we couldn't afford to worry about what was in our personal care products. It wasn't until I attended the #EarthMama with Mamavation Twitter party that I realized not only could we afford high quality and safe products by using Earth Mama Angel Baby products for the entire family, we couldn't afford not to worry about what was in our personal care products. 


Let's back up a little bit... About a month ago I learned that Earth Mama Angel Baby was planning their first ambassador campaign. They were looking for bloggers to test out their products for 30 days and share their experience with their community. I thought it was a long shot, but would be such an amazing opportunity to get to try products I had been curious about, and share with the TGN Blog readers. I applied and kept my fingers crossed...

To celebrate their new campaign, Earth Mama Angel Baby threw a Twitter party with Mamavation to educate everyone on ingredients to avoid in personal care products and to announce the lucky bloggers chosen. I learned so much in that hour and a half about harmful chemicals hiding in many products and the impact they can have. I learned about GMOs in lanolin and how babies are born with an unbelievable number of chemicals in their cord blood, among many other things... My mind was officially blown. My mind was blown even further when I found out I was chosen to be an Earth Mama Angel Baby Ambassador!

blogger badge

While I excitedly waited for my package of goodies to arrive, I started to take a deeper into that bathroom medicine cabinet... I turned to the EWG SkinDeep database, a site that takes a close look into the ingredients of many personal care products and gives the products and their ingredients a safety rating. I simply typed in the names of my family's products and was very concerned with what I found...

I learned that some of the products I've used on myself and on my children for our entire lives may have exposed us to formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane, chemicals that have been linked to cancer, among other health issues. Although they amounts may be small, when we used these products on a regular basis and some several times a day that exposure adds up. I found out about a nonprofit group, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They have list of Chemicals of Concern that explains the different chemicals and contaminants found in many personal care products and the impact they can have on one's health. I learned of SulfatesParabensPhthalates, and many other chemicals that do not belong on anybody's skin. I learned that other countries have banned many, many potentially harmful chemicals from personal care products, but of those only a handful have been banned here in the United States. If they're considered unsafe for those countries, why are they still allowed here?

Earth Mama Angel Baby's campaign with Mamavation has given me the motavation to take control of my medine cabinet and make a lot of changes for my family's health and well-being by giving it a much needed makeover. Earth Mama Angel Baby products are made with natural and organic ingredients and most are Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified. All of their products have a rating of zero on the EWG Skin Deep database, the best possible rating! I can rest assure that I am not exposing my family to toxins when we use these products, which puts my mind at ease.


Let the makeover begin! Here are the products I'm switching out for Earth Mama Angel Baby Products:

Goodbye old shampoo and bodywash, shaving cream, and tub cleaner...

Hello Angel Baby Shampoo and Bodywash!

EMAB soap


Goodbye lanolin and petroleum jelly...

Hello Natural Nipple Butter!

(the ONLY Non-GMO Project Verified Nipple Cream!)

nipple butter


Goodbye zit cream and healing ointment for scrapes and cuts...

Hello C-Mama Healing Salve!

healing salve


Goodbye old diaper rash and eczema creams...

Hello Angel Baby Bottom Balm!

bottom balm


Goodbye sunburn cooling gel, anti-itch spray, and numbing spray...

Hello New Mama Bottom Spray

cooling spray


I've only have had some of these products for just a few days, but I'm loving them all so much that I've decided to buy more! My kids and I can't get enough of the Angel Baby Lotion. 

So goodbye old lotions...

Hello Angel Baby Lotion!


I also have Earth Mama Body Butter and Angel Baby Oil on the way and am really excited to try them out too!

emab in medicine cabinet

Loving my after cabinet! Natural, organic, and toxin free!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be reviewing and sharing my thoughts about all of these products. I'm so excited to share my journey with all of you on The Green Nursery's social media pages and on the TGN Blog. I have so much I want to say about these products that can't be said in one blog post. What I can say is that I'm so grateful for this opportunity from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I'm getting rid of the toxins in my family's personal care products and gaining valuable knowledge and peace of mind.





Stephanie Beck is a busy mama of four. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Stephanie started her blog, Apron Strings Attached, because she wanted to share her experiences with raising kids, breastfeeding struggles and success, and cloth diapering. She now enjoys blogging about life in cloth diapers and is the Social Media Coordinator for TGN. 


Disclosure: I have recieved many of the products in this post free of charge and am being compensated as an Earth Mama Angel Baby Ambassador. However, all opinions expressed are 100% genuine and my own. All of the above statements are based on my own experience and may differ from your experience from these products. The statements about herbs and essential oils in these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither these products nor the information or opinions expressed in this post are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The opinions expressed and information in this post is also not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always contact your healthcare provider if you have questions about or are considering making changes to your current medical treatment plan.