Last week we put out a call for photos of men wearing babies on the TGN Facebook page, and let me just say what lucky (and adorable!) babies TGN customers have!  We have men hiking with their babies, parenting their newborn along with their toddler, taking care of domestic duties like dishes and grocery shopping, attending weddings, and giving presentations.  LOVE IT.  Is there anything that makes a man more attractive than enjoying fatherhood?

By far, the most popular two carriers amongst the pictures and stories submitted were the Moby (mostly for smaller babies) and the Ergo (for older babies and toddlers).  As far as prints and colors go, they ranged from solid blacks to floral emroidery and included everything in between - like a pastel, rainbow-colored ring sling.

Also, you guys are well-informed regarding the safety and comfort of various carriers for baby's hips.  For anyone who doesn't know about the references made in the slideshow captions, the BabyBjorn, Eddie Bauer, and Kelty carriers pictured are sometimes (affectionately?) reffered to as "crotch danglers."  This is because those carriers lack a wide strip of fabric for a baby to sit on.  Instead, they have a relatively narrow strip of fabric between baby's legs.  It's not great for their developing hips.

My favorite rule of thumb for baby-wearing is that your carrier should hold your baby in the same position your arms would.  This is a good guideline for how high on your body you baby should be, how your baby should be positioned, and even whether your baby is ready to ride "legs out" in an Ergo (or other soft structured carrier) or still needs to be "froggy-legged" inside the carrier. This is my favorite blog entry about this issue.

And now, you should enjoy this slideshow of awesome fathering-while-babywearing!