Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap and the Ergo seem to be almost ubiquitous.  (Along with another brand of baby carrier whose name I won't mention, but its detriment to a baby's hips and a parent's back are often noted.)  I've already written a few posts about my love for the Ergo.  Now what's so great about the Moby?

The Moby Wrap is a long, wide strip of cotton jersey fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby in various ways.  It comes in several colors as well as four options:  Moby Wrap Original, Moby Wrap Designs (with embroidered designs on what becomes the front of the wrap), Moby Wrap Moderns (with a stitched edge in contrasting color), and Moby Wrap Organic (100% organic cotton)

A favorite for newborns
There are two Moby holds that are particularly good and popular for newborns.  In the newborn hug hold,  the Moby Wrap allows you to keep your baby in "froggy" legs with his or her knees tucked slightly under their belly.  The wrap then supports your baby across their back and bottom, exactly the way you do in your arms.

The kangaroo carry is also pretty amazing for newborns and parents.  For a colicky baby, or if breastfeeding is proving challenging, skin-to-skin can be particularly awesome (it's always awesome - everyone should do it!).  The kangaroo carry not only allows you (mom, dad, caregiver) to be on the move with baby skin-to-skin, but it can provide a bit of coverage for those who are uncomfortable wandering around their house topless.  Although, I have to tell you, my favorite (true) excuse for why we weren't terribly welcoming of visitors in the earliest days was that I was mostly topless while we struggled to breastfeed!  And sometimes you need a good excuse!

Still useful as your baby grows
The hug hold allows your baby to splay his or her hips when they are ready, but the fabric (and, hence, lack of structure) still allows you to make the carrier as narrow or wise as your baby needs.  And there is also a hip carry option for those older babies and toddlers!

So what's so great about it?
One thing I love about the Moby is that it is fairly simple as a first carrier for a newborn.  Ergos can get a little complicated or even bulky with a tiny baby.  Slings are also wonderful for newborns, but they are asymmetrical (they'll put pressure on one shoulder at a time), and many people never seem to feel comfortable in them either because they don't feel their baby is secure or because it doesn't seem to fit them well.  And woven wraps are incredibly versatile and can be used well into toddlerhood, but the Moby's stretchiness makes it faster to learn.

What's not so great about the Moby?
Of course, the Moby is not perfection.  It can take a little while to learn to wrap the Moby carrier, as opposed to snapping it on and going like a more structured carrier.  Plus, all that fabric makes the carrier a bit cumbersome - I see many moms who wrap the carrier at home, drive somewhere, and put their baby in the Moby when they get to their destination.  Otherwise, they're dragging the fabric along the ground as they wrap in a parking lot.  All that fabric also means that the Moby is hot in the summer.

Also, breastfeeding in the Moby isn't hands-free.  The Moby can be great as a nursing cover, but you will need to sit down.  Many moms can breastfeed while on the move in a woven wrap or in a sling, but the stretchiness of the Moby does not keep a baby supported well-enough to at the breast.  That stretchiness is a blessing and a curse - it allows for a bit of error in how tightly you wrap yourself, but it also means a heavier baby/toddler can sag in it (the heavier the baby, the tighter you should wrap the moby!).  Hence, many families use the Moby in the early months and then transition to something with no stretch.

What say you, Moby users?  Did you find you preferred another carrier early on, or a little later?  Anything I missed to love or hate about the Moby?