Hey friends! So, a mere two weeks ago, Scott and Abby (the co-owners and co-founders of TGN) embarked on their annual journey to the ABC Kids expo. This is the single largest, industry only, baby and children’s merchandise exposition. The expo brings out ALLLLLLL the baby brands, and is where many brands choose to drop their new products. YAY for us moms, dads, and baby-product-fanatics! This means NEW STUFF IS COMING TO TGN!

Jordan will be bringing you the scoop on the non-diaper new additions. I get to break the exciting news to you all about the sweet new diapers on their way! And so, without further ado, the newest by brand:


Bumgenius made a huge announcement just before the expo that they would be updating their pocket diaper, the 4.0! This is pretty notable – it has been several years since they last updated their version of the pocket diaper. While the 4.0 is still a great diaper (and also, on super sale right now!), the new 5.0 (which also has the label as the “Original”) is being marketed as having a better fit, and new proprietary elastic made specifically for cloth diapers. Cool!

In addition to updating their pocket diaper, they have also added three new solid colors: Jelly (a grape-jelly purple), Pepper (a nice bright red), and Kiss (an orangey-peach).

new bg colors


GroVia dropped all sorts of exciting news at ABC! First, they are bringing in two new solid colors to their line-up: Cherry (an awesome true red) (red is so hot right now), and Julep (a sweet mint color). These are special edition colors, which means that while they aren’t small stock runs, they won’t run forever, so get ‘em while the getting is good!

new grovia colors

Secondly, GroVia is adding to their O.N.E. diaper line-up by now offering the O.N.E. in their Adventure and Ophelia prints. This is good news for print-lovers, since the non-kickstarter O.N.E. diapers have previously only come in solid colors.

one prints

Additionally, GroVia has added a new wetbag option, which has a zipper instead of a drawstring, and a loop handle that snaps open and closed, so that it can be snapped around a purse handle/baby carrier strap/stroller/you name it.

wet bags

FINALLY (SHEW!) we will be seeing a new GroVia swim diaper hitting the sale floor come March! From what has been released so far, they will come in three sizes, and be run in the most recent prints (Adventure, Astro, Funfair, and Ophelia).

grovia swim diapers


Rumparooz (of Kanga Care) shared their new line up, a collaboration with Toki Doki, to bring new RAR Toki Doki prints! These are fun and fresh, and will blend seamlessly with other Toki Doki prints (like on Clek carseats)! Fun new prints on tried-and-true great diapers – nothing bad about that!

rumparooz prints


Lots of new TotsBots! First, an all new all-in-two diaper system called the Peenut diaper will be joining the line-up. The Peenut boasts two sizes of shell. (get it? Peenut…shell…! It took me two minutes too long to get it, y’all.) The shell is wipe clean, with a belly and back panel, and two snaps on the inside front to snap in their Day-to-Night bamboo pads. These pads are super soft and crazy absorbent, and the shells come in all the great TotsBots prints and solid colors!

Second, the new Swim nappy from TotsBots was released, and will be available in two prints: Beach Bum (light blue with vintage-y looking VW-esque vans on it), and Knickerbocker (light blue with ICE CREAM TREATS ON IT!). Take note: the key to my heart is sugar. Put ice cream on a diaper, I’m buying it.

tots bots diapers

Finally, TotsBots will have a Trainer in two new prints: Rocket Boy (dark blue with a space theme) and Dolly Mixture (medium pink with dollies and flowers). Such cute prints for the big kid in your life who is in the throes of potty learning.

tots bots prints


Y’all. Sloomb. Alright, so Sloomb-lovers everywhere are big big fans of wool garments as diaper covers and as clothing. These garments include underwoolies, covers, longies (long, loose fit pants), and shorties (shorts). All of these options are available to retailers and offered at TGN. But they also have a skinny fit pant that has not been available to retailers that is ALSO super cute and beautiful. Additionally, they have interlock wool covers that can be machine washable, but all the other styles are knit and need to be handwashed.


At ABC, Sloomb released the new Playwoolies. Playwoolies come in the adorable skinny fit (sort of like leggings or skinny jeans), AND are knit in such a way that they are machine washable! They come in four great colors: Hunter (an earthy green), Coffee (brown, like…coffee..), Cerise (bright pink), and Orion (a dark, bright blue with a touch of purple). They are coming to TGN. Sloomb-lovers rejoice!



Thirsties brought it home with a new series, their Woodland collection, and it is gorgeous! Featuring one new solid, Moss (which, despite its moniker, is actually a beautiful teal), and four new prints: Aspen Grove (teal, with white trees), Woodland (deer and foliage on a white background), Mountain Ridge (a mountain scene on a grey background), and Fallen Leaves (teal, orange, and golden leaves on a white background).

Y’all, those descriptions don’t do it justice. The line is beautiful.

thirsties diapers


While this isn’t a cloth diaper brand, it is a new-to-TGN brand that carries SUPER BEAUTIFUL wet bags for cloth diapers, and (on a completely not-cloth-related note, NURSING SCARVES). We will be picking up their classic wet bags, the wet bag clutches, and those beautiful nursing scarves.

logan and lenora

That’s all, folks! Keep an eye on our Periscope account for live unboxing of these great new diapers and more! (@TheGreenNursery on Periscope!)