Hi again, friends! So, next on our list of what we hope to be a regular series is: On Wednesdays We Wear Babies! If you don’t wear babies, YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US. Kidding. Gosh, does Mean Girls ever get old?

So, our goal for On Wednesdays We Wear Babies (or OWWWB, because that’s a whole lot easier to type 27 times!) is a few things. We hope to teach you about carriers that you may not yet know about. We also hope to show the fashionable and the functional sides of babywearing. Finally, we want to showcase the when, where, and how of babywearing in our lives.

For me, my experience with babywearing has grown and changed a lot over my journey as a mama. When I was pregnant with Bee, I had seen the carriers hanging on the demo rack at TGN. I thought, “Yeah, maybe someday, whatever..” (I know, such a hater). When Bee was born, he was so, so colicky. So much crying, all the time. I did a cursory evaluation of baby carriers, called my mom with feedback, and a few days later an Ergo with an infant insert arrived at my door. Because my mom is awesome. Anyway, that Ergo saw us through a lot of times, good and bad. It was our go-to for when Bee was fussy and needing to be held, and it was our Girl Friday for when we were out running errands or taking a hike.

It was not until Bee was closer to two years old that I even paid attention to the other options on the market. Isn’t that CRAZY? Because geez, I’m halfway to being a certified collector now. I just remember suddenly noticing all of these beautiful slings and woven wraps, and thinking, “Hey, it’s not too late, right?” Unfortunately, it sort of was too late. By the time I got my first sling, Bee was already the fiercely independent dude that he is today. But that’s okay. It gave me time to research, to learn, to save money, and to plan my purchases for baby #2.

During my pregnancy with baby Bear, I was able to add a stretchy wrap, a silk Sakura Bloom ring sling, and a double layered linen Sakura Bloom ring sling to my collection. I have a shopping problem.

From the time Bear was born, our babywearing relationship was so different than it was with Bee. Bear is the calmest baby around, not necessarily needing the extra snuggles of babywearing. Yet, I wore (and wear) him ALL THE TIME, because poor second baby that he is, he is along for the ride of keeping up with big brother!

Additionally, Bear had the privilege of being a TGN store baby for the first five months of his life. We spent many a shift, enjoying snuggles in our slings and cooing at customers. It was a great five months, and it would not have been do-able were it not for the magic of babywearing. (And really great employers who let me bring him to work, of course!) .

And so, to kick off OWWWB, and to pay tribute to those awesome few months in our babywearing relationship, I bring you a collage of my favorite Babywearing On The Job moments.

 babywearing collage

[Left two: Bear at two weeks old at our GroVia event, Top Middle: slinging babies and booze at our Small Biz, Big Love event with Sloomb and Spray Pal, Bottom Middle and Right Two: my baby zonked out in the sling at work].

Thank you for tuning in to this first installment of On Wednesdays We Wear Babies! We’ll catch ya next time!