Hey, all!

Welcome to the second installment of ABC comes to TGN! As Hanna mentioned, I am here to discuss all things outside of the awesome diaper line-up that will be showing up in the next few weeks.. We’ll start today's post with the announcement you’ve all been waiting for:

TULA IS COMING TO OUR WEBSITE! And, lots of ‘em. We’re excited to receive some of the new prints (and matching swaddles!!) as well as get some of their staple prints in stock. We’re also adding the infant inserts in black and gray to our stock, so fear not! We really can now be your one-stop-shop for creating your Christmas wishlist ;)

We're also soon to carry the winter versions of Urban baby bonnet, the “ski bonnet” complete with fleece lining and detachable ears.

urban baby bonnet

Another brand we love in store is babyfrida, the lovely creators of the innovative Nose Frida, and i’m here to tell ya: They’ve done it again! These people know what mamas need to take care of their babies, and find the simplest, safest ways to help-naturally. We have orders placed for both the Windi and the FeverFrida.

The windi is perfectly named to reflect that it will help your baby pass some “wind”. Now, the idea behind it may have a few eyebrows raised, but no different from it’s mothership-the nose frida-once you see how effective and easy it is, you will be singing it’s praises to all your mom friends. It comes with 10 single-time use tubes that are, yes, inserted to help gas find it’s way out. My favorite thing about this idea is that there’s no dosage, no worries about any ingredients. Gas stinks. Let the windi help. ;)

The FeverFrida is another great addition to the this line, but is different in that it’s not baby specific. I see this getting used on our big kid as often as our little! This Thermonitor works in conjunction with your smart device and tracks your baby’s temperature every four seconds, and gives medicine dose reminders. Gone are the nighttime stressors of not knowing whether or not to wake your sickly little to for a temperature check, or being unable to rest with your sick kiddo for fear of missing a spike in temperature. FeverFrida monitors it all for you!

Now, onto completely new brands (and their products) headed to TGN..

ecoBibi is an awesome female-run company with lots of smart, stylish organic items that are sure to be a hit for shower gifts!

The obvious mentions would be the newborn gift set and the feeding gift set! The newborn set is different from anything I’ve seen before. It includes: 1 hooded bath towel, 1 waterproof changing mat, 1 burp cloth, 1 bib, and 2 face cloths.. actual essentials for your baby, and no preference to any one “type” of parenting. Everybody changes their baby, and everybody cleans their baby (frequency is an unrelated matter). The feeding gift set is much the same:  2 small bibs, 2 face cloths, 2 burp cloths and a silicone/bamboo spoon. All things you’ll utilize whether you are baby led weaning or have a baby who gobbles down jars at a time.

We will have the individual bibs available for purchase, as well.

Finally, the ecoBibi teething toys! This toy is a mix between lovey and teether, and super adorable. Like most anything you’d find in our store, it’s totally safe and non-toxic. The teether consists of two pieces: A food-grade silicone ring and a tie-on tear-shaped fabric that is a combination of organic cotton and bamboo! So, not only is it the perfect textures and materials for your baby to chew on, but the fabric will be absorbent.. No fuss, no mess. What else can you ask for?


The Kupp is a perfect learning cup. It’s a six ounce cup surrounded by silicone. The makers aim to inspire responsibility and confidence by making a cup that is truly for your child. Small serving size paired with an easy to hold, recognizable design makes it easy for your kiddo to take pride in their Kupp!


TGN has been in need of a good sippy and dishes for some time now, and we have RePlay on the way to fix that. RePlay does all their work right here in the USA and is very conscious about their carbon footprint. All their products are made from recycled milk jugs, but are totally safe! They come in a good variety of colors for kids to choose from and are looking pretty darn sturdy. I have a good feeling you may soon be reading more about RePlay on this very blog ;-)

Next up, Little unicorn quilts! I am so excited to get these in hand, to me these scream “handmade with love”. The creator paints designs with watercolor, and quilts them into amazing blankets for snuggling your sweet babe.

Our final addition you'll already know about if you follow us on Periscope. It is another “something new” I think our store has been needing: BOARD BOOKS! And not just any board books, but primers that introduce your child to classic literature as well as elementary learning blocks. Babylit board books are great ways to introduce your kiddo to reading. They are organized in a way that's sure to hold your kiddos attention, while guiding you down memory lane.

<pic of BLBB in store>

Finally, I must say there's rumor we may be adding Mocs (!!!!), teething jewelry, and nursing pads from Itzy Ritzy!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Periscope as we will be sharing the unboxing of all our awesome swag with all of you-LIVE! 

This Holiday season will be one for the books, guys. I am so looking forward to sharing all the new with you!