newborn bumGenius

Cloth diapering a brand new baby presents some extra challenges.  Those tiny thighs and watery poops can be a recipe for leaks, cloth can be bulky and appear uncomfortable, and getting air to the umbilical stump until it falls off is a bit of a priority.  And a new baby is putting on weight very rapidly, so whatever solution is chosen tends to be fairly short-lived (meaning most families don't want to sink a lot of resources into it).

Here are three basic ways families approach those first weeks or months, followed by diapers that fall into that category:

1)  Purchase/rent/borrow a short-term stash of newborn-sized diapers - the nice thing about this option is that the diapers are certain to retain a fair bit of resale value, since they won't be used for long.  If you are cloth diapering for money savings alone, you can definitely still save money (as compared to disposables) by purchasing a stash to use for a few weeks or months.  In my mind, to qualify as a newborn diaper, these need to not only have a great fit on spidery legs, but need to be designed to keep pressure off the umbilical stump and allow air to circulate to it.

2)  Purchase a stash of one-sized diapers that snap down to a very small size and then will last into toddlerhood - this tends to work much better for a baby born around 9lbs than for a smaller baby.  The best part of this is that it reduces the purchase price of cloth, but you do have to deal with some bulk when Baby is small.  Be sure to look closely at the lowest weight these diapers should fit.

3) Use disposables in the very beginning - some families do this until the umbilical stump falls off (because newborn disposables have a little cut-out), some use them until their baby grows out of newborn-sized disposables, some use them only in the hospital, etc.  (We used them in the hospital - I just couldn't wrap my head around packing diapers and a wetbag and whatnot!).

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