Hi!  I am Brianna, the store manager for The Green Nursery, and I want to share with you my experience with newborn cloth diapers. I did not use newborn cloth for my first baby and it was a big mistake.  We wised up, bought a stash of newborn diapers, and got our money’s worth and more.

baby in newborn diaper

When I was pregnant with my son I walked into The Green Nursery and was immediately sold on the idea of cloth diapers. They were cute, looked well made and durable, and just made sense to me.  I went home, hopped on the internet and read as much information as I could find.  It is really hard to understand cloth diapers just by reading about them, but I talked with some friends who had tried cloth and I thought I had a good plan.  I decided to go with one size pocket diapers.  They seemed to be the most popular, and they ran from 8lbs - 40lbs. I thought plenty of babies are born weighing 8lbs, and babies grow really fast, he should fit these diapers in no time. Getting newborn cloth diapers seemed frivolous to me, and my main reason for venturing into cloth was to save money.  My plan was to use the couple of packs of disposables my family (who didn’t believe we would stick with cloth) bought me, and get into our cloth diapers after a couple weeks of growth.  

Well, little did I know at the time, I make tiny babies that stay tiny.  My son was born at 6lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches, he was long and lean.  The hospital I gave birth in had the policy that everything in your room not bolted down was yours to take, so we swiped some extra diapers to give us a buffer for our tiny thing to grow.  It didn’t take long for us to grasp just how many diapers babies blow through in a day (roughly 12) and realize our modest disposable diaper stash was not going last long.  Every couple of days we ran to the store to get more diapers.  Every time I picked up another pack of disposables I would look at the giant box and for a second I would consider buying it instead, but every time I thought, “soon we will be in our cloth.”  

 After a month I was shocked at how huge our cloth diapers looked to me when they had looked so small before our son was born, but I kept trudging forward, waiting until we hit that 8lbs mark, knowing it wasn’t too far off.  After two months buying disposable diapers really started to hurt my soul.  I would think to myself, “that pack of diapers is one half of a cloth diaper that could last me for years, and I am going to throw this all in the trash in the matter of days; “ it was getting frustrating.  After 3 mos in disposable diapers I knew somthing had to give.  

When my son reached 8lbs I excitedly put his first cloth diaper on him, only to find it humorously large.  There was no way that diaper was going to stop anything, I could fit two of his tiny legs in one hole and still have a gap.  So I sought out some help and another option.  I was given a set of prefolds and xs covers to use.  The prefolds were the wrong size and stuck out of the cover, getting my sons clothes wet, but we were using cloth and saving money.  Night time and travel proved to be a problem as the moving around at night and compression in the seat lead to leaks with the poorly fitting diapers, so we were still using disposables here and there.  It wasn’t until my son reached 5 mos and 12-ish pounds that we got into our pocket diapers.  I estimate I spent $300+ on disposables in that time, which would have been an incredible newborn stash I could have used over and over.  

When I got pregnant with my daughter the decision was simple, we would invest in a stash of newborn cloth.  Again, I went to the internet to read all I could about the newborn options out there, but this time I was armed with personal experience.  However, despite my experience with one size diapers, it wasn’t a lot of help when picking a newborn diaper.  I read reviews, watched videos, talked with friends and ended up deciding the best bet was to go with a variety of diapers.  

My stash of 30 diapers included Lil’ Joeys, bumGenius, Grovia, TotsBots, and Bummis and Rumparooz covers with Grovia prefolds.  My daughter came into this world much larger than my son, but still a tiny 7lbs 2 oz. With no umbilical stump to worry about (hers fell off within 3 days) I was able to use any diaper in my stash right away.  

baby in newborn diaper

At 30 diapers I had enough to wash every other day with a small buffer, which was perfect.  We were able to stay in our newborn diapers full time for 5 mos before we started transitioning to one size diapers.  At 6 mos we finally retired our last newborn diaper and move full time into one size diapers.  

What newborn diaper held out the longest?  TotsBots TeenyFit V4 diaper.  Not only did it fit our daughter the longest, but the absorbency was able to hold up against the bigger pee of a 6 mos old.  I was so super impressed with them that I will be replacing the majority of my stash with them for the next baby.  

baby in newborn diaper

Wanna know what my favorite part about newborn cloth is beyond the cost savings?  They are super trim under tiny baby clothes, so we didn’t have to size up on pants, and we didn’t have to worry about blow outs ruining sweet adorable outfits.  I have never, in 2.5 years of cloth diapering, had an up the back, outfit ruined, blow out.  They just don’t happen with cloth.  A little leaking around the leg?  Happens on occasion.  However, I have never had to toss an outfit while using cloth.  Speaking of clothes, with tiny babies it is also helpful that the newborn cloth diapers go up to 12lbs and overlaps a bit in sizing with the one size diapers, because her clothes just were not able to accommodate a one size diaper, even if it did fit.  

I was really just so pleased with how well the newborn cloth diapers worked for us, and I can’t wait to use them again.  After 6 mos of use I definitely developed an opinion about the different brands and types and will be reducing my stash to just a few kinds next time around.  Here is my favorite newborn cloth diapers in order.

Tied for 1st place- Lil Joeys and TotsBots TeenyFit V4.  Lil Joeys were the snuggest fit in the beginning, contained everything really well, and I like that it had the snap down for the belly button stump, even though we really didn’t need to use it for more than a day.  TotsBots TeenyFit V4 lasted the longest and had the best absorbency.

baby in newborn diaper

2nd and last place- bumGenius newborn diapers.  These diapers fit really well and I loved them in the beginning, but they were the first diaper to not be able to keep up in the absorbency department.  I had to retire them after just a couple months.

3rd place- Grovia prefolds and Rumparooz newborn diaper covers.  Grovia prefolds are the only ones I use because I feel they are just superior to all other prefolds.  They are a bamboo blend which makes them more absorbent while being extra trim.  I also really like that for some reason they stay folded in a tri-fold and don’t pop open like other prefolds I have used.  My second favorite insert is the Thirsties brand hemp prefold it is soooo absorbent and soooo soft, but just a little bit bulky in my opinion.  I really like the Rumparooz covers because they have a double gusset at the leg and elastic along the belly to get a really good fit in front.  They don’t gape open, even with a bulky insert, like some other covers do at times.   

4rd place - GroVia (new style) newborn diapers.  These diapers were snug and help up against leaks, but they were the first to get retired because of fit.  These diapers fit a bit low on my baby and I just did not seem to be able to get a good fit with these diapers after a couple months.  However, I know other moms who felt the exact opposite about the fit on these.  

Now that I have used newborn cloth diapers I recommend them to most customers that come in looking to start cloth diapering.  It really is worth it for most people to get a newborn stash, even if you have a bigger baby.  You will still likely save money not buying disposables, but the fit and ability to contain the mess will save your baby attire and your sanity.  AND they are stinkin cute!

Disclaimer: I purchased all diapers mentioned in this post, and was not compensated in any way to share my experience and give my honest opinion.