I have owned and had a love/hate relationship with the Nosefrida since A-Train was two weeks old and caught his first cold.  That virus was a gift from his big brother, who picked it up at preschool.  Not only was I then nursing a tongue-tied baby who was incapable of staying on the breast, but I was nursing one who couldn't breathe while attempting to nurse!  Good times.  Gooooood times.

Enter the Nosefrida.  The Nosefrida consists of three parts - a rigid tube with a tapered end (to go in your baby's nose) and an open end, a cap for that open end with a flexible tube (it has a little rigid piece at the end of the flexible tube, which you suck on), and a replaceable filter to go in the cap and keep the contents of the rigid tube ("contents" means "snot") out of the flexible tubing (and, by extension, your mouth).

Disgusting, right?  Except so worth it.  And especially when compared to the most common alternative - the bulb syringe.  First off, the Nosefrida easily comes apart for a thorough cleaning.  Plus you can see into the clear tubing and look down into the opaque mouth piece and verify that it is all clean.  Not so with the bulb syringes, which grow mold!

I have hardly been able to bring myself to use a bulb syringe simply because I was afraid I would stick it in too far.  I did once try it, and it didn't seem effective.  The Nosefrida cannot be put in your baby's nose too far.  It is tapered, and too wide at the base to go in a tiny newborn nose very far. The width of the whole thing also seems to make it easier to get snot out.

Sucking the snot out of your baby's nose is gross.  It just is.  But being able to suck for a longer duration than a bulb syringe can is more effective.  And the Nosefrida makes it possible to see all the snot that comes out, and you know whether it is worth doing again, and whether you're doing it right.  (Sometimes there is not much mucous, and the congestion is coming more from inflammation.)

So obviously I find the Nosefrida to be pretty awesome.  What about my kids?  It was really helpful when A-Train was tiny, and a cold made it difficult for him to nurse.  I would use the Nosefrida to clear his nose out a bit before a feeding, and then he could breath a lot better while he nursed.  He didn't exactly like it, but he didn't hate it either.  Both kids have, as they've gotten older, gone through phases of wanting to use it and refusing it.  Even Bean, who was 2-and-a-half when we first got it, has used it on occasion.  I do think it causes some strange sensations for them deep in their developing sinuses.  Especially when tiny, A-Train would cough a little bit when I used it.  Nothing distressing, and it didn't seem to hurt, but it seemed uncomfortable or at least strange. 

The good news is that the strange sensation doesn't last long, and the results are immediate!

I told my husband this morning that I was going to write this review and he immediately responded, "ah.  The Nosefrida.  Disgusting, but effective."  That pretty much sums it up!  Although, the visibility of the effectiveness kind of makes it satisfying in its grossness...

Honestly, at this very moment I am sitting here unable to breathe through my nose.  I kind of wish there was an adult version.  Can you imagine?  I would think I couldn't do it to myself, since I currently get out of breath taking a drink of water.  I wonder if my husband would be willing.  It would be like a test of our marriage and proof of his love for me...right?


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