Ones and Twos diapers

Ones and Twos are a sort of hybrid between an all-in-one and a pocket diaper.  They have a soaker sewn in so that they could be used as an all-in-one, and each diaper comes with an additional soaker that can be laid on top or put in the pocket.

A-Train is lookin' pretty darn potty trained these days ( many nights do you figure is too many for him to wear the same diaper over and over again?), so Amy once again provided me with a review on her now 7-week-old baby boy.  

Amy compared the new and the old Ones and Twos.  The changes made were subtle enough that we emailed Ones and Twos to find out what they'd been, and this was their reply:

The main change is the laundry tabs/wings they are now bigger and feature pul on the inside of the wings so the suede cloth doesn't stick to the extra sticky Velcro. This change will help the Velcro last much longer on the nappies.

And here is Amy's review!

I pesonally didn't see much of a difference between the Velcro tabs, but I would assume that if they've redesigned to make the Velcro last longer, than this change may not be obvious. I did notice that all my hook & loop stuck to each other at some point during the wash, not necessarily just the Ones & Twos. The change to the design didn't necessarily affect the hook & loop sticking to each other.

I did have an issue with the diaper leaking after being on for a couple hours, which I've never seen before with a pocket or all-in-one. I changed E tonight, and he was wearing the older Ones & Twos without a doubler; when I took off his sleeper, the PUL was soaked around the legs and in the front. I either have a heavy wetter or the diaper NEEDS a doubler... but this was my first issue with leaking. I chose not to use the doubler because it makes the diaper bulky and it makes it harder to get the legs as tight on E (who is probably 11 lbs?).

I do like the option of having a less expensive option for all-in-one diapering, which the Ones & Twos provides. The fit is good, and I was able to use this diaper on a 10lb. baby. I love the colors available, too. The diaper has a pocket at the front of the diaper which can be stuffed with a doubler, which is a different design than the bumGenius. Though we didn't use the doubler, I assume it'd be a good option to avoid touching poop when taking the doubler out the back pocket of a diaper. The other option, of course, is to lay the double on top of the diaper.

All in all, I've been happy to have these diapers as part of our diaper stash, though to be perfectly honest, the recent leak would have me nervous to have a stash consisting ONLY of Ones & Twos. But who knows, this leak might have been a fluke?