If you follow The Green Nursery on Facebook, you may have seen that my family just moved from Indiana (less than a mile from The Green Nursery's brick and mortar store) allllllll the way to New Mexico!  We watched the landscape change as we made the 20-hour drive over three days.  We arrived here in the wettest part of the year...but that doesn't mean much!

We knew we were all in for quite a change when it came to outdoor activities.  When we found a house to rent, we were told it had a dirt backyard.  So we expected dirty kids.  During our first week here my in-laws took the kids to the zoo, and Bean found inspiration...

He watched the elephants throwing dirt on their backs (to keep cool?) and realized he had the perfect backyard in which to reenact the scene!

On another occasion of outdoor play, the boys found a katydid.  We think the katydid was injured or old; it was not particularly spry, though it did startle us all with a jump in our faces!


brea new mexico

When there is rain, we all adore it!  My husband and I sit on our front porch and watch the lightening.  You can see so far in the distance that it may not even rain at our house, but we can still enjoy the lightening and the amazing smell of rain in the desert.  During an afternoon rainstorm recently, Bean and A-Train snuggled up under a giant umbrella and had a good talk.  Meanwhile, a dish basin under a drain collected the rainwater.  The boys added a bit of water from the hose and A-Train used his Green Toys Submarine to take some miniature knights on an expedition.

It's not all (dirty) fun and games around here.  Everyone has to wear shoes when they go outside, because we have trailing weeds with determined thorns.  The thorns even get tracked in on our shoes from time to time!  But we are generally enjoying the totally different take on playing in nature!

What sort of outdoor activities do you do with your kids in your area?  We still have a bunch of hiking to check out - but, right now, our own backyard has been plenty fascinating!


brea family pic


Brea Carlson is mom to two boys (Bean born Spring of 2008 and A-Train born Fall of 2010) and wife to her college sweetheart.  Brea edits the TGN, runs the giveaways, and writes about life with kids (mostly) after cloth diapers and baby carriers.  She also blogs at Contentedly Crunchy.