Hello, again. It is time for another installment of On Wednesdays We Wear Babies!

Oh, babies. Baby Bear is eight months old now, and is officially a walker! Adding walking to his Baby Resume is quite impressive, but one skill he has yet to acquire is sleeping for any stretch beyond two hours. This is totally “normal” for babies, and I know from experience with Bee that the sleepless nights will not last forever. Or, you know, eventually they will move out, so it can’t last forever regardless! Most of the time, it is easy to find a good attitude about it, but there are definitely defeated moments of wishing/praying/pleading/crying for just a little more sleep.

In addition to the length of sleep, lately we have been experiencing a struggle with where we can get the baby to sleep. If we are not touching, sleep is not happening. You know that emoji with the blue face and the sweat dripping down the forehead, looking totally panicked? I look like that sometimes. With my first baby, I stayed home for six months, and would be totally fine to hold a sleeping baby all day long on the couch. But poor second babies don’t have that same luxury all the time. My big kid occasionally would like to, you know, have lunch. Or my attention. Cue the sanity-saving ability to babywear!


If we are at home, and the baby needs a nap, then I am probably wearing him on my body. Now, I realize that this may not work for everybody. Wearing a sleeping baby means that I am agreeing to carrying a 20 lb. weight around for sometimes over an hour. But the incredible thing is that with the babywearing devices that we own, it isn’t an uncomfortable go. And the baby sleeps, and I do things that have to get done. The other day, he slept an hour on my back, while I knocked out cleaning two bathrooms, folding three loads of laundry, and de-cluttering a closet. I hope that someday he will sleep solo, but for now, I thank the babywearing Gods that I am able to attend to his need to sleep on me AND my need to be off my couch occasionally.

Do you have baby sleeping struggles? Or do you have seasoned mama or papa wisdom to share with me?! I’d love to hear it!