(Warning- this post may be a little TMI for some.)

We are in the throes of potty training here at the Beck household! It really hasn't been too bad... just taken a lot longer than I imagined it would. It's coming up on A YEAR since my son first started showing interest in the potty! But a couple of weeks ago, something just seemed to click. He's been doing so well that I packed up all the cloth diapers and switched him to underwear. However, there are four cloth diapering accessories that I am not quite ready to put away... 

 potty training must-haves

1) Cloth Wipes

My kiddo is doing so good when it comes to peeing in the potty, but when it comes to pooping in the potty... he's not quite there yet. It's not uncommon for him to have an accident in his underwear at this point. And when he does, getting him clean with toilet paper alone is not an easy task. From my experience, when trying to wipe up a large area, the toilet paper tends to tear. And don't even try to wet it, that just makes it fall completely apart.

Cloth wipes to the rescue! The GroVia cloth wipes that I have been using throughout my son's diapering days are still coming in handy during potty training. Using cloth wipes makes clean up much easier and more pleasant for both of us. I keep the wipes in a basket on top of the toilet, along with his cloth trainers, and wet them with warm water from the sink. You could also use an old disposable wipes box if you have one on hand! They're strong and soft, and make it so much easier to get my kiddo thoroughly clean .

2) Diaper Sprayer

I honestly don't know how I got through potty training my three older children without a diaper sprayer... how did I clean their underwear when they had an accident?? I can't remember! There have been several times when spraying my son's underwear into the toilet that I've thought to myself, "If I didn't have a diaper sprayer I may have just thrown these away!" I'm sure I didn't... Not only would that be wasteful, I'm very cheap, haha. :) 

3) Spray Pal

I have to say, spraying out a pair of underwear is not near as easy as spraying out a diaper! Diapers have more bulk to them, making them more sturdy. Undies are much more flimsy. I've found that holding them against the side of the toilet helps since they are on sort of a flat surface, but the Spray Pal makes spraying them so much easier! I just turn the underwear inside out, clip them in, and spray away! No worrying about splatter, no bending over and straining your back... the Spray Pal frees up your hands and helps keep poo off of them, too! :)

I've also heard of some families repurposing their Spray Pal for little boys by using it as a shield to keep pee in the potty! I forgot to try this until after my little guy mastered his aim. But I can see how it could come in handy!   

4) Wet Bag

Before knew wet bags existed (back when my older kids were going through their diapering and potty training days), when we were away from home, I stored dirty diapers and soiled clothes in a plastic grocery sack. The wet bag is such a wonderful alternative! They are so much better and more reliable at keeping smells and mess contained, not to mention they are much more stylish!

My favorite wet bag for the potty training days is the medium size Planetwise wet/dry bag. I use one at home and another when we're on the go. They're the perfect size to store wet and soiled underwear and cloth wipes until wash day. The one I keep in the car is stuffed with an extra pair of underwear and pants in the dry front compartment of the wet bag in case my little guy has an accident. 

I also toss a small wet bag in my purse (like the GroVia wet bag) with a pair of underwear and knit shorts inside, in case he has an accident while we're inside a store. I can just take him to the bathroom and toss the soiled clothing in the bag and not worry about mess or smells.

These four cloth diapering accessories were indispensable to me during my son's diapering days and continue to be while he is learning to use the potty. They make those not so pleasant tasks, much more tolerable. I only wish I had known about them when my older kids were potty training!     

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