potty training

Back in September I was pretty sure A-Train was nowhere near potty training. I even posted about it!  I gave up pretty much entirely on potty training, figuring he would eventually be more agreeable to the idea.  I always remember my mother-in-law's advice, which she received from my husband's preschool teacher:  "I've never met a kid going to high school in diapers." 

But never did I expect things to change SO quickly that he was potty trained at the end of November!  And basically instantaneously!

I keep a journal about my kids, motherhood, funny things they say, apologies I owe them (and apologies they owe me!), and all the other good/bad/ugly/hilarious that comes with parenthood.

On November 29th (he was 26 months old), I wrote:

[A-Train] is super rashy and he sometimes tells us that he has peed or pooped, but then rages about having his diaper changed (especially if it's poopy and he has to be wiped because wiping with a rash hurts!).

We ask him at almost every diaper change - especially if he's dry - if he wants to use the potty or toilet. He always says "no" pretty emphatically (has for the last few months, at least). But we have told him things like "we won't have to spray/wipe so much if you use the potty" and "if you pee and poop in the potty, you won't get ouchies on your bottom."

So today I just didn't put a diaper on him after a diaper change. I didn't say anything - no "you should use the potty" or anything. I just brought the potty into the living room and was like "ok, if you want to pee or poop, you can just do it in the potty."

He said "mo" (no) and I was like, "fine. Whatever. I'm going to wash dishes."

Well, since then he has peed on the kitchen floor once (HUGE puddle), and peed in the potty twice and pooped in the potty.

SWEET. Hoping this is the beginning of the end of diapers, though it means I lose my easy test subject for blogging reviews/giveaways for diapers.

That pee on the kitchen floor was no big deal.  He looked at it kind of quizzically, and I cleaned it up and said, "you peed!  Maybe next time you can do that in the potty!"  He has been potty trained (during the day) since!  We have kept him in diapers at night, because it's a bigger deal to change sheets than pants, and he pees in his nighttime diaper about once a week (usually when we neglect to take it off within the first 30 minutes or so that he's awake).

For the first little while (probably a month), we kept him naked from the waist down whenever we were home and continued to put him in diapers when we went out.  Occasionally we were still putting him in training pants or fitteds without covers.  Now at a little over 28 months, he is great about telling adults when he needs to go to the bathroom and attends preschool and goes to childcare in underwear.  He has not had a single accident, though I'm sure he will just as soon as I neglect to send an extra pair of pantsI

Also, over the last couple of weeks, he is starting to transition to using the toilet.  This is great because there is less clean up, thought there are drawbacks like easy access to flushing (repeatedly), inability to get on and off on his own, and risk of having him pee all over the bathroom if he neglects to aim downward!

So this basically concludes my potty training tales!  It has gone fairly similarly - and fairly early - with both my kids. I didn't use a real "method," and I consciously kept pressure off of myself or my kids.  They did it when they were ready.  Yours will, too!

One little problem
I have skinny children whose pants don't fit once they wear underwear.  I know I'm not the only one with this problem!  I love overalls on my kids, and that is one solution.  With a lot of pants, I fold a bandana diagonally and use that as a belt; finding a belt of appropriate length has thus far been impossible!

But I also love teaching them to take off their own pants (and, eventually, put them back on!) and generally do their bathroom business independently.  So, if you're looking for reasonably-priced pants that work on thin toddlers, Old Navy makes some adjustable-waist pants (and I have found them at Once Upon a Child). 

In the summer, I simply have them wear shorts that are one size too small - they are a little shorter than intended, but they fit in the waist and look just fine.