Back in January, I declared here on The Green Nursery's blog that I was making potty training of my younger son a goal for 2012. My older son, Bean, was out of diapers during the day at 25 months.  A-Train is now about 6 weeks from that...and there are only 3.5 months left in 2012.  Apparently his goals differ from mine.  I think he wants an all-new stash of diapers!

I haven't approached potty training much differently with A-Train than I did with Bean, but they're very different people.  A-Train is decidedly less verbal - possibly because his brother's voice is the soundtrack of our lives - and he is generally more laid back and independent.

There was a time toward the middle of his second year that A-Train was waking up dry after almost every nap and 12-hour sleep.  When we went to change his diaper and found him dry, we would ask him if he wanted to "pee potty"  (that phrase is a relic of Bean's barely-verbal potty training days) and he would happily pee on the toilet (he refused the actual potty chair in favor of the toilet with a potty ring) and move on.

But as he has gotten more curious, better on his feet (read: able to run away, which he thinks is side-splittingly funny), and generally turned into a typical opinionated toddler, he has refused the potty. I have tried moving the potty into the living room ("Look!  Novelty!"), but all he did was sit on it briefly without peeing, and then he insisted on using it as a stacking and nesting toy. I think it has been 2-3 months since he last peed on the potty or toilet.

Ever the optimist, I still packed our training pants and travel potty/potty seat for our month-long visit to my in-laws' in Washington State.  I figured all it would take was for the right motivation to materialize and he'd start to get interested again.

Potty Training

Fairly quickly, I found that he thought it was insanely cool to pee outside (or "aya" as he calls it, because he refuses to speak much English). In fact, he thought peeing outside was such a fun and cool activity that he would become irate when empty.  He would shout "mo! mo! mo!"  (more).  It was sad and funny, and also totally got my hopes up that he was maybe excited and would want every pee to be outside!  Dry diapers ahead!  Yay!

While there, A-Train loved to stand in the front yard and watch airplanes (their house is in one of the landing patterns for SeaTac).  He would stand and point, yelling "BA BA BA BAWA!!!  BAWA!!!" (he usually repeats the first syllable of his made-up words three times.  Probably because it's adorable.).

One day he noticed a pair of training pants that has airplanes on it. "BA BA BA BAWA!!!!" he shouted.

"You want to wear the airplane diaper?" I asked.

"Yeah!" He said excitedly.

"Ok!  Pee on the potty and you can wear them.  Want to go pee potty?"

"Yeah!" (his two favorite words are "yeah" and "uh-uh")

So we headed for the bathroom, I folded out the legs of our travel potty so it became a potty ring, and set him on it.  Immediately, he put his hands in the air and said, "ah-dah!"  (all done)  

I took him off, and he spotted the airplane training pants again.  "BA BA BA BAWA!!!!! BAWA!!"

"Yes, if you pee potty you can wear the airplane diaper.  Do you want to wear the airplane diaper?"

"Yeah!" he said cheerfully.

"Ok!  Then will you pee potty?"


When I picked him up to put him back on the toilet and he flailed and arched his back while screeching "uh-uh!  uh-uuuuuuuuuuh!" I set him down again and he grabbed the potty ring and sat down to play with it - the folding legs really fascinated him.  I asked again if he wanted to wear the airplane diaper.  "Uh-uh."  

I had to wonder if we had ever been having the same conversation.

A-Train has had painful rashes, and I've tried to use that as motivation. I have said "if you pee potty there will be less ouchies"  (incidentally, I hate baby talk and die a little every time I utter phrases like this.  I know, though, that he understands it better than "if you urinate in the toilet there will be less of a chance for contact dermatitis and a lower risk of impetigo.")  He doesn't seem to connect the dots yet.

When we see him pooping, we will ask "are you pooping?"  "Yeah," will come the cheerful reply.  

"If you poop in the potty, there will be less wiping and less ouchies.  Do you want to poop potty?"


The bulk of our stash (prefolds) is really tattered, and it doesn't appear A-Train will be potty training in the next few months, so we decided to buy some fitteds since I prefer them for potty training.  


Now I just keep reminding myself that he won't go to college in diapers.  I will continue to offer him the option, have him pee outside until it gets too cold, and wait for his reasoning and verbal skills to click around potty training.

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