When it comes to potty training, public restrooms are the worst.

In all of my life, I have only seen maybe two public restrooms that we're made to be kid-friendly. It's like most businesses forget that adults aren't the only people who have to use them! As if using them with a kid in tow wasn't hard enough, my first public restroom experience with my son has set a precedent that makes helping him use them a little more challenging for me...

public restroom

A few months ago, my son and I were walking through the grocery store when he tugged on my sleeve and said, "Momma, I have to go pee." This was the first time he had ever ask for me to take him while out of the house, so this was HUGE for us. I knew we'd have to move quickly...

I rushed him to the ladies room and once we got into the stall, I realized this wasn't going to be easy for two reasons... First of all, he had a regular diaper on. At the time we had been going back and forth between cloth trainers and diapers, and for this outing I forgot to put him in a trainer.

I tried pulling his diaper down, but it wouldn't budge. I quickly unsnapped it, but once I got it off of him, I wasn't sure where to put it... My purse was out of reach, and I knew if I sat it on top of the toilet paper holder, it would probably fall off. So in the moment, knowing that I needed to move quickly, I did the only thing that came to mind... I flung that diaper over me shoulder, lol! Lucky for me, it was clean and dry. :) 

Then I realized we had another problem... the toilet was entirely too tall for his pee stream to reach! Sometimes boys will learn to pee on the potty sitting down before moving on to standing, but this kiddo never did-- he's only ever went while standing. At home we have step stools that we keep in front of each of the toilets, so it's very easy for him to use the bathroom all by himself. But in public restrooms (for some strange reason) stools typically are not available!

I knew I somehow had to make him taller and we were running out of time... so I broke out a move that brought me back to my cheerleader days. I did a sort of lunge, except instead of extending my back leg, I bent it underneath me for balance, all while keeping both feet flat on the floor. I then stood my son up on my leg, put my hands around his waist to help him balance, and away he went!

Now, I don't want to give the impression that this is a solution to too tall toilets. Honestly, this little technique is super awkward, haha! If you don't have to do this, DON'T. It is not a good habit to start. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing for my son until he is tall enough to reach the toilet in the public bathroom... which is going to be a while!

In a dream world, stools would be available in all public restrooms. How hard would it be to have a step stool available in at least one stall, and another at the sink to wash hands? Not very hard if you ask me! It would certainly make using public restrooms during the potty training years much less challenging. Ok, rant over. :)

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