Hello!  Theo and Malou here! We want to tell you about one of our Christmas presents...we couldn't wait until Christmas to play with these brightly colored new things we spied so we dug them out of the gift bag today and begged mama to let us play with them!

kids and cups

We each got our very own set of Replay divided plate and sippy cup. Our mama is always looking for a better sippy cup or dish. We aren't sure why. It may have something to do with all the milk and food we get all over the floor and throughout the house! Looks like she wanted to give this new brand a try!

plates and cups

She put them in the dishwasher (what a long wait!) and when they were all clean (and still looked brand new!) she filled our big cups up with milk, screwed the lids on tight (so tight we couldn't pry them off like some of our other cups!) and sent us on our way while she made dinner.

cups and plate

Finally, we got to eat from our new dishes! They fit perfectly on the little high chair tray and were deep enough that food didn't spill easily while we were practicing our big kid eating skills. Mama said that she would prefer a non-slip bottom but that the depth and size of these was perfect! We were just glad they kept our meatballs from rolling onto the floor and out the door! 

drinking from cup in high chair
Holding cup in high chair
kid holding cups
eating from plate

We love our new replay sippy cups and dishes for making it easier to enjoy our meals without making a big mess for mama, and we are all thankful for companies like Replay finding a way to make wonderful items out of things we recycle. Mama says they used our empty milk jugs to make these, right here in the USA! Isn't that neat? Mama said they are so light and yet durable, perfect to take on a picnic or camping! And not so expensive that we would feel very upset if we lost it. At this price, they are very replaceable, a very good thing for us because we lose stuff all the time!

Well, back to playtime. If you tend to spill your food and dribble milk throughout the house (and let's face it, what toddler doesn't?), have your parents get you some Replay cups and dishes! We give them four thumbs up! 

 Disclaimer: I received these items for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion on them!