Before we jump into the review, I want to quickly introduce everyone to Katie Fender.  Since A-Train up and potty trained, Katie has agreed to be our regular diaper reviewer.  Katie is a local mom of 15-month-old Monkey.  She has fallen in love with cloth diapering and writes a blog all about her fluffy adventures.  Welcome, Katie!

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Without further ado, here's Katie's review of the Sloomb Organic Bamboo Fleece (OBF) Fitteds!

We started cloth diapering our son, Monkey, close to a year ago. He's an extremely heavy wetter, especially at night since he wakes up to nurse a few times. Even after a year of cloth diapering, we still run into leaking issues at night. When it comes to nighttime diapers for heavy wetters, the Sloomb diapers have one of the best reputations. We have tried the Happy Little Cloud and the Snapless Multi Fitted, so I am excited to be able to test and review the Organic Bamboo Fleece for The Green Nursery.

The Sloomb diapers come in different thread colors, all of which are extremely vibrant and very pretty. The OBF diapers are sized for a better fit and range from x-small (5-11 lbs) up to x-large (32 + lbs). The OBF has a unique feature with the front elastic, which prevents a tummy gap from happening, and it also includes a doubler which add absorbency. Similar to the Happy Little Cloud diaper, this one comes with a snap in soaker, thought the OBF soaker isnt as fluffy and soft. I would compare the feel of this diaper to the inserts of the BumGenius Elemental.

Because it's bamboo, I washed and dried it separately from other diaper laundry about five times before using it. This increases the absorbency by removing natural oils. Once it has been prepped in this way, it can be washed normally with your other diapers.  I dried the diaper and soaker overnight, like I do with all my shells and fitted diapers. The fitted diapers do take quite a while to dry, and when you hang dry them they tend to get stiff. When that happens, I put them in the dryer on the fluff cycle (no heat) just to fluff them up and make sure they're soft again when I put them on Monkey.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the fit of this diaper, especially since it can be hard finding the right fit for my son. He's really chunky, weighing in at 30lbs at 15 months! It was very trim fitting and worked very well, fitting around his huge thighs. (Sorry for calling your thighs huge, Monkey!) I like how trim the OBF is compared to the other two Sloomb diapers The Green Nursery carries (Snapless and Happy Little Cloud). The OBF is way less bulky and fits well under my smaller cover. The absorbency of this diaper was also really impressive.


The only thing I don't like is how long it takes to dry. You'll find this issue with any fitted diaper though, so it's not really a deal breaker for me.

This has become one of my favorite fitted diapers at TGN right up there with the GroVia Kiwi Pie. I like elastic on the front of the diaper because it eliminates the gapping at the tummy we often get with other fitted diapers. With Monkey being a tummy sleeper, it can sometimes cause leaks, so the front elastic really comes in handy.

Finding a diaper absorbent enough is always a huge test when we consider a diaper. Monkey was able to make it through the night without any leaks, even after waking up a few times to nurse. This diaper is so absorbent that the backside was dry when I changed him in the morning! That's extremely impressive for a super soaking one year old.

The OBF really impressed me with the absorbency and the fit, and I can honestly recommend this diaper to anyone having leaking issues at night. It worked great for my heavy wetter and I'm sure it would work great for anyone searching for a nighttime solution.

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