I discovered Rockin' Green three or four years ago, and it has been my diaper detergent ever since - save for a few months of 2010 that I kind of regret (but I'll get to that).

Rockin' Green Detergent

I'm not usually one to go for the cute factor in something like detergent (I reserve that for shoes), but the creativity of the Rockin' Green product and scent names certainly doesn't hurt my affinity for it!  First off, the detergents are Classic Rock (the basic detergent that works for most people), Hard Rock (if you're dealing with SUPER hard water - as many of us are here in Bloomington - this is the option for you!), and Soft Rock (for sensitive skin). 

And the scents have fun rock/music-oriented names like Rage Against the Raspberry, or Smashing Watermelons. 

When I first started using Rockin' Green, I followed their instructions to "Rock a Soak."  This is essentially soaking the diapers in the washing machine to remove build up of various kinds. 

Rockin' Green is on the expensive side(35.4cents per load), and I am frugal-bordering-on-cheap.  So when I was pregnant with A-Train in 2010, I briefly tried making my own laundry detergent, but let's just say the area formerly known as my diaper area wasn't keen on it.  So I switched to Charlie's Soap (18.7cents per load), and used it for the duration of my pregnancy.

A-Train was a rashy baby and toddler.  Charlie's Soap gave him a rash, so we switched to one of the name brands without scents or dyes (I don't remember which).  Rash.  Tried things with and without water softeners, discovered by trial and error that he was especially sensitive to Calgon water softener (really. bad. rash. I use RLR and vinegar to strip away minerals instead).  So we went back to try Rockin' Green.  Eventually, he got a rash...but it took longer.  I considered it a minor victory.

When I emailed Rockin' Green's customer service, I received an immediate response with some ideas to combat the rash (which seemed to come around after every few washes - he was sensitive to just a little build up!).  There was also an offer to send me a sample of a different formulation if I couldn't make the Hard Rock work. 

With their help tweaking the wash routine, and stripping every month or two, we still use Rockin' Green's Hard Rock detergent for diapers!  (To keep the cost down as much as possible we use Charlie's for other laundry.  Yes, it means I have two detergents on my washer.  And that my husband will never wash diapers because he thinks he will mess something up...but he wouldn't anyway because he for some reason can't remember "rinse, hot wash, rinse.")

I do have one complaint about Rockin' Green, and that is that their packaging doesn't seal well.  I have had a couple of incidents of it falling off the washer, so a good seal is a must.  I posted about this on their Facebook page, and they said they are aware of it and using up their current packaging.  For now, a few other customers with the same woe said that they transfer detergent to a mason jar or something with a tight seal.

P.S. Anyone else thinking a post on hard water might be in order?  This post got me curious about a few things...