THEY'RE. HERE. Today is the day! At midnight last night, GroVia officially released their adorable new Wee Gallery prints, Wild Things and Up & Away. These diapers are limited edition and made in limited quantity, so get 'em while the gettin's good. I'm guessing once they sell out they'll join the ranks of HTF (hard to find) dipes and some may end up kicking themselves for holding out. And no one likes kicking themselves... that's no fun ;)

GroVia new prints

But I'll tell you what is fun... TWITTER PARTIES! Particularly GroVia, The Green Nursery, and Change-Diapers Twitter Parties! :) All of us at TGN are super pumped for the #NewGroVia Twitter Party tonight! You still have time to RSVP. This is going to be a fast-paced, totally fun, and prize-filled celebratrion! Throughout the party NINE winners will be announced. Plus, Kim Ormsby will be joining us for 20 minute Q&A session, so you'll have the chance to have your GroVia questions answered by the founder herself!

GroVia party announcement

Remember, you have to tweet with the #NewGroVia hashtag and RSVP via the Rafflecopter to be eligible for the prizes... a lesson I once learned the hard way! This past winter I won an awesome carrier (a Tula... a freaking TULA!) at a Twitter party, but since I didn't tweet in time, I couldn't claim it! I was kicking myself for weeks! So if you want to win, RSVP and DON'T FORGET! Set an alarm, leave yourself a sticky note, tie a ribbon 'round your finger... YOU could be one of the lucky NINE winners tonight! :)

New to Twitter Parties? Of course you can join the celebration from your Twitter account, but if you want to get the most out of the party, you may consider using TweetDeck. With TweetDeck, you can create columns so that you can all the party activity and keep it all organized. Check out my post Twitter Party 101 to learn the basics of Twitter and how to set up your Tweetdeck.


So SET AN ALARM, scoot the kiddos off to bed, grab yourself a snack, kick back with your computer, and get ready to PARTY!!!!






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