mom self care

We talk a lot about caring for babies (and their bottoms!) on the TGN blog.  It's way too easy to forget about the care that a (new) mom needs - and particularly that she needs to give herself.  Moms need TLC for their physical well-being - managing pain and discomfort of pregnancy, treating hemorrhoids, recovering from birth, managing breastfeeding, etc.  But we should's neglect our mental and spiritual health!  And there is nothing quite like a tiny human touching you from the inside for 9 months and from the outside for...well...we've passed the 5-year mark over here...  Anyway, there's nothing quite like that to force us to get creative in taking care of ourselves!

Here are some of the things I have done (and some I continue to do even with a 2.75- and 5-year-old).

In pregnancy...

...I went to the gym daily.
...I scheduled prenatal massages whenever possible.
...I slathered on potions that soothed the skin on my growing belly
...In pregnancy #2, I used diaper rash salve on my own bottom to soothe multiple pregnancy-related ailments.


...I treated some additional booty-region ailments
...I took myself (and my baby) out for coffee - either at a cafe or at specific mom/baby-related gatherings.  Generally easing myself back into society with a baby in tow was something I needed.
...I started drinking tea* and coffee as part of a ritual.  It was a cue to relax rather than think about everything that needed to get done.

2.75 years postpartum...

...I can't believe I am almost 3 years postpartum.
...I get up before anyone else so I can go for a run.  ALONE.  Without even worrying that people are fighting or making messes back at my house.  Even though they are usually doing both by the time I get home after a stop at the gym.
...A cup of coffee means I'm relaxing (now it's a visible sign to the kids, in addition to a cue for my brain!)
...I make an effort to stretch every day.  I can do it with the kids around, and Bean likes to join in.

*pregnancy and postpartum teas piqued my interest in herbs - and food - as medicine.  I'm now known amongst many of my friends as The One Who Would Recommend Garlic for Whatever Ails You.  But it started with the Earth Mama Angel Baby Teas:  Third Trimester Tea, Milk Maid TeaPostpartum/Monthly Comfort Tea, Morning Wellness Tea, and No More Milk Tea.