Hey, friends. I am writing from a dark, dark place. The place of sleepless babies.

If you’re a member of our group facebook page, TGN Tribe, then you may have seen me post the other day about sleep regressions. Baby Bear is around 16 months old, and suddenly sleep is SO BAD again. It has been a long week of fighting to get him to fall asleep, and then lots of wake ups. My first baby was always a bad sleeper, but Bear has had this sleep thing down since we night-weaned at a year. And now that I’ve been spoiled with restful nights, this regression is kickin’ my behind.

Please, Sloomb longies, have magical sleepy dust powers.

Isn’t infant sleep such an interesting thing? The amount of time that I have spent being consumed by researching and pondering and worrying about sleep habits, or sleep troubles, is just amazing to me. Sleep. Daytime sleep, nighttime sleep. We adults would pay out hard earned money just to score a daytime nap some days. But we have to, at times, work and beg and plead for our babies to just PLEASE FOR ONE HOUR sleep.

So, it has been a rough week. There will be better weeks. This regression will pass, just like they always do. I wish that I could report that, in the moments of struggle, I am philosophical about these fleeting moments of babyhood and appreciating the bad with the good. But mostly, I’m tired and grouchy and just trying to get through it. But peeking into his quiet room after he has finally given into rest, and sneaking pictures of his suddenly-giant toddler body stretched out in his crib, those are the redeeming moments. The moments that I can revel in the passing of time and the promise of rest. Good luck, fellow sleepless adult humans. We’re gonna get through this. Together, and with lots of coffee, one night at a time.