When you see the Softbums diapers sitting in TGN they look so tiny! My mom even asked me (back when I bought the Rainbow Connections print) if it was for the new baby. She said there was no way it would fit Monkey. It may look tiny, but once you open it up and stretch out the elastic it's not so tiny anymore. If you've been hanging around the TGN blog for a while, you'll remember the two reviews of the Softbums Omni. One from my perspective when putting the diaper on my big toddler and another perspective from the parents of a newborn! For this review I'll be taking a look at the Softbums Echo!


echo smallest setting


As with the Omni, the Echo has the draw string elastic for the rise setting. This is my favorite feature in the diaper because you can get such a great fit. This also helps the diaper to fit from newborn all the way up to a toddler. A lot of one size diapers claim to fit from newborn, but that's not always possible, especially if you have a smaller newborn. The Softbums does not have a hip snap like some brands do to prevent wing drooping, but I have NOT noticed an issue with wing drooping when using it on Monkey.




The Echo is basically an AI2 (all in 2) system that you can purchase snap in inserts (or pods, as they're called) to use inside the shell. There is NO stuffing, which is really nice because stuffing diapers can get really annoying and time consuming. You can either get the dry touch (stay dry) or bamboo pods for your Softbums diaper. I love that you can choose whatever pod works best to make it the perfect diapering system for your family.


Softbums previously would come our with a new print each month. This was called Calender Bums. The upside to this was that you get new prints frequently. (They always have the some adorable prints!) The downside was that once they were gone, that was it, no more. They've recently said they'd be switching to "Calender Bums Seasons". This means a new print for each season, which means more will be available for longer! (NOTE: I'm on the email list which stated that change. However, I have not seen it on their blog or Facebook page.)


To prep the Softbums Echo shell, it just needs to be washed one time. You can wash it with your other diapers, no need to separate them. When it comes to the inserts, as long as you're using the stay dry pods, they only need washed once. If you are using the bamboo pods, you should wash them at least 3 times separate from your other diapers on hot to make sure you get all the natural oils off.  As for regular washing, it's pretty simple. There isn't anything special you need to worry about doing. Just wash them with your other diapers!


As far as fit goes, the Echo is nice and trim, but is a bit bulky since the stay dry pod system comes with a larger insert and a smaller one. (For a newborn, I would suggest using only the smaller one.) With the draw string adjustable rise, it's easy to get a unique fit for your little one whether you have a more petite baby or a chunkier toddler. For Monkey, the Echo had a really great fit and worked wonderfully for him! So if you're little one is chunky, don't worry, you can still get a great fit.


echo on baby


Like I mentioned previously, the draw string adjustable rise is my favorite feature of the diaper. I love that you can reuse the shell (as long as it doesn't get wet or messy) because if you're on a budget, you can get some shells and extra inserts and save money over getting pocket or AIO diapers. I'm usually a snaps loving mama, but I think I prefer the hook and loop on the Softbums. However, Monkey can still easily take the hook and loop off, so we stick to the snaps!


snap closure

I was pretty surprised how absorbent the microfiber pods were for my heavy wetter. The pods (when folded) have 6 absorbency layers of microfiber with soft micro-fleece on top. The stay dry pods worked really well for everyday use and nap time use. For my heavy wetter, we have issues using anything microfiber at night. I would recommend the bamboo super pod if you want to use your Softbums Echo overnight.


So overall, I really love the Softbums Echo. I actually recommend this diaper a lot to anyone looking for a good diaper that will start from newborn and last until potty training. You can't always get the best fit with one size diapers for a newborn, but the Echo will really give you a unique fit for your newborn. I'm really glad they're changing up how they release new prints because nothing is more frustrating than really wanting an adorable print, but not having the funds to buy it right away. Then when you get the funds, there are no more available. Now with releasing one per season, you'll be able to get your hands on your favorite print easier. If you're looking to cloth diaper your newborn, but don't want to have to spend money on newborn diapers AND one size diapers, Softbums Echo (or Omni) is for you! I look forward to putting the Softbums on my newborn in April!


*I received he products mentioned in this review for free from The Green Nursery for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are 100% my own.


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Katie Fender is a stay at home mom to one very active toddler. He goes by Monkey most of the time because of his fascination with climbing all over everything!  Being a stay at home mom, Katie needed to find a creative outlet and hobby so she started her blog A Tale of Fluff. Her obsession with cloth diapers started when she and her husband decided to make the switch when Monkey was a few months old. Her love of cloth diapers led her to being a tester for TGN. Now she has the pleasure of bringing you reviews for diapers at TGN you might be considering purchasing.


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