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If you know during pregnancy that you want to cloth diaper your new arrival, you've probably already thought about which diapers you want to buy. You can either get newborn diapers and get more after your little baby grows out of those, or you can find some that will grow with your baby. You might be thinking I'm talking crazy. A diaper that fits a newborn that can also fit a toddler?! Call me crazy all you want, but the SoftBums diapers will actually fit a newborn and a chunky toddler!

If you're like me when you're looking at this diaper, you're thinking about the rise snaps. Where are they? If you don't have rise snaps, how are you supposed to adjust the rise settings? SoftBums has the very unique Slide2Size feature. What you do is pull the elastic until it's sized perfectly around your little one's legs and tuck the left over elastic back into the small opening in the front of the diaper. The Slide2Size feature allows you to use this diaper from birth to potty training!

Another fun thing about SotfBums is their adorable prints. Each month SoftBums releases a new limited edition print or color. They vary from the Omni to Echo, and snaps or Velcro. (This month they have the super adorable Chev-Worm available in the Echo with Velcro.) For this review, I'm using the yellow Alien Omni in snaps.

The Omni can be used one of three ways: 1) as a pocket, it has a huge opening making it easy to stuff; 2) as an All In Two where the pods snap in and the shell can be reused; 3)  as a cover with a prefold or fitted inside for a perfect nighttime solution.

If you're prepping the Super Dry Touch pods and the shells, you can wash them with your regular diapers. However, if you're prepping the bamboo pods, you need to wash them 3-5 times separately from your other diapers to remove the natural oils. After you prep your bamboo pods separately from your other diapers, you can wash them all together. Other than that, the pods don't require any special washing. I dry all the pods in the dryer with my inserts. I do notice that the bamboo pods don't dry as quickly as the stay dry pods do.

I can't get over the Slide2Size fitting that SoftBums diapers offer. You get a better fit with the SoftBums diapers than you get with other one size diapers. I sized it the way it would be if it were on a newborn, then sized it the way it fits on Monkey, and it's amazing how tiny and huge one diaper can get!  With such a great fit, you don't have to worry about leaks. Of course when you put a new diaper on your baby, they always have to make the biggest mess in it right away. Even with Monkey having a huge mess inside, nothing leaked out.

SoftBums has two different pods you can choose from:  Super Dry Touch or bamboo. The Dry Touch can be a bit bulky but make up for that with their absorbency. They consist of three layers of microfiber and when you fold them, that makes six layers of absorbency.  I always have a hard time picking which diaper to take Monkey out in because I hate having leaking issues while we're out in public. It's such a hassle to deal with. The SoftBums Dry Touch pods are so absorbent, I love packing it in the diaper bag or putting it on him before we leave to go out.  The Dry Touch also work really well for nap time. He didn't have any leaks during his long nap with the Dry Touch pods. They also worked really well in the morning right after he woke up, which is when he usually wets the most.

With Monkey wetting like a fire truck, I like to stick with the more absorbent fibers like bamboo. The bamboo pods are made of 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton. These pods are extremely absorbent. There are 4 layers of bamboo and when you fold it in half that's 8 layers of super absorbency. This worked wonderfully for Monkey's long nap! When you use your Omni shell as a pocket with the bamboo pod it's a lot trimmer than using it with the Dry Touch.

As I mentioned, the most notable aspect of the Softbums Omni is the Slide2Size. This is such a great feature and I love that it allows for a perfect fit no matter what size your little one is! I've run into several "one size" diapers that just don't fit Monkey at all. I'm amazed the SoftBums can fit a teeny tiny newborn and also fit my giant toddler. And I really like that SoftBums keeps things new and introduces new prints every month. They have some of the most adorable prints and I'm really itching to get the Chev-Worm print they recently released.

The versatility of the Omni also really stands out to me. I like being able to choose how I want to use it. I often get tired of stuffing pockets, which is where using it as an All In Two comes in handy. I would recommend SoftBums diapers to anyone new (or even not so new) to cloth diapers, looking to get diapers that last without having to buy bigger diapers. I like how durable and super cute SoftBums diapers are. Another plus about the diapers is that they're made in the USA!

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