"What do you do with the poo???"

That's one of the main questions come up when somebody asks me about cloth diapers. My answer? You can dunk & swish, use disposable liners that you can toss or flush, or my personal favorite... use a diaper sprayer. In my opinion, having a diaper sprayer makes dealing with dealing with the poo so much easier! Much like a kitchen sprayer attached to your sink to spray off your dishes, a diaper sprayer attaches to your toilet, allowing you to spray the contents of the diaper into the toilet and flush away!

As awesome as the diaper sprayer is, there is a dirty little secret... One thing most people don't mention when expressing their love for their diaper sprayer is "spray back". Having a high pressure stream of water is needed to spray off diapers. The problem is, if you don't get the diaper low enough in the toilet, or have the angle of your spray just right little droplets of water (and even tiny bits of poo!) can shoot back toward you, ending up on the rim of the toilet, your shower curtain, even your toes! Some have more issues with spray back than others... for those of us who do, there is an answer: The Spray Pal.

Spray Pal

The Spray Pal is a splatter shield designed to keep spray back where it belongs, in the toilet! Just clip the diaper into your Spray Pal, put it in the toilet, turn your sprayer up full blast and spray away! No more worring about folding or holding your diaper at a certain angle. I find it so beneficial to have a flat surface for my son's diaper to lay against. That way the diaper is out of my hands and I don't have to worry about holding it a cerain way to get it clean. I just point and shoot!

Spraying diaper with Spray Pal

After you've sprayed off the diaper, the Spray Pal folds flat, not only for easy storage, but as a wringing feature! You can squeeze the walls of the Spray Pal to wring any excess water into the toilet. Then carry it flat, like a serving tray over to your wet bag or diaper pail, and unclip the diaper and let it fall in! 

I store my Spray Pal in my large hanging Planetwise wet bag. I simply unclip the dirty diaper into the top wet section, the slide my Pal into the front pocket. Although the front section isn't waterproof, I haven't had any trouble with dripping. It works great! Some also opt to store it in a medium size wet bag or just keep it sitting beside the toilet assembled and ready to go.


Before using the Spray Pal, I used to have to worry about be very careful with spraying or holding the diaper a certain way to avoid messy spray back. The Spray Pal takes the worry out of the spraying process! It makes spraying diapers so easy, even a toddler can do it! ;)


toddler using Spray Pal


The Spray Pal was created by mom and dad duo, Mr. and Mrs. Spray Pal. When their first child, Mini Spray Pal 1.0 started solids, they decided on the diaper sprayer to address her messy diapers. Many say when it comes to spraying, it's all in the angle... but no matter what angle they tried, they still had trouble with spray back! They knew there had to be a solution to this problem, and after much thought the Spray Pal was born. 

All sales from Spray Pal go directly toward their son's, Mini Spray Pal 2.0, medical expenses, who was born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation. He was born right after Spray Pal came to be, and the Spray Pal family is very open about his journey. During his entire seven month NICU stay they were able cloth diaper him full-time! Their story is truly inspirational and they are doing so much for the cloth diapering community, spreading the word about modern cloth diapers and working very hard to #makeclothmainstream.


The Giveaway  (OVER)

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